Keller's Life an autobiography

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In The Begining...

So, my story obviously begins with my Mom and Dad...One of them was a Husky, the other was a Yellow Lab. I never really knew my parents since I was placed in a foster home known as "Shelter" when I was very young. (Maybe the mixed-marriage thing just didn't work out?) The people at Shelter raised me until I was adopted by a family of humans...but before I was a year old, the family of humans decided that they no longer wanted me and sent me back to Shelter. I lived at Shelter until they also decided that they no longer wanted me...and I was scheduled to be moved to "PutDown." I'm not sure where PutDown was, but instead of going there, a different foster home came and got me. That foster home was called Greenville Humane Society. I lived at GHS until another family of humans took me home. Half of the family of humans lives in Clemson and the other half lives in Greenville.

My Human Family


My ride home from GHS was SO exciting! The young male human who rode in the front of the car with me could hardly keep me in the seat with him! As I tried to race around the inside of the car, I could sense that my excitement was shared by the humans since their voices got louder and louder. When we reached "Clemson Home" the humans let me out of the car and I immediately was set upon by what were to be my step-brothers, Newman and Tito. Newman was...old...really old...really, REALLY old but seemed like a nice guy (Newman passed into the GreatChewToyInTheSky last year... I hope he is happy there). My other step-brother Tito...well, let me tell you, HE is a piece of work. Small, yappy, missing teeth and bad breath. I didn't think we would get along at first, but once he understood that I was the owner of all of the rawhide bones and got first dibs on food and water, we got along much better. He is still really grumpy, but we usually have a good time playing together

Yes, life has been good at my new home...sometimes I even let them sleep with me!

aren't I just the cutest?


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