Badminton Tips n' Tricks! Bad at badminton? Here are some tips and tricks for a good play!

WHIP WHOOP WHOMP! “How does he do that?” “Im not sure, he must know some good tricks!”

One trick is to be swift, the shuttlecock which is the main item to score is extremely slow so you have time to get near it and hit it. Also, you need to keep your eye on the shuttlecock while running as it will put you off track if you do not do so.

Another tip or trick is to direct hit the birdie ( shuttlecock ) in the middle of the rack to get the best hit. This can be done only when keeping your eye on the birdie at all times to focus on hitting it in the middle.


The last but not least tip or trick is flick of the wrist, NOT to hit as hard as you can. If you hit really hard or swing with all you might to hit the birdie you will most likely miss it. So another solution to not look like a weak wet noodle you will have to flick your wrist hitting the birdie and it will go perfectly! Remember this is not baseball where you hit as hard as you can.

You were probably very apathetic about what I was talking about but now, hopefully this has taught you otherwise. Remember to use these tricks all the time and keep them in mind because you will regret it if you are looking for a good badminton career.

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