The Big Day By laura makala

Today was the day we set sail on the one and only Titanic....

April 10, 1912

While sunshine was beaming through the window down on me, I awoke from my peaceful sleep only to see an envelope on my side lamp. Tearing the envelope into pieces, a ticket like paper fell to the floor of my jacked up room. In front of me lay a ticket to board the RMS Titanic in first class. I picked the ticket with an unstable hand screaming my noodle off waking up my sisters along with Mama and Papa. Gazing at the piece of paper some more, I realized that we were leaving today which meant we had to rush ourselves through the morning.

Today was the day, the day my humongous family- maybe not so humongous, but it feels like it is- was going to board the RMS Titanic for half a fortnight and three days. My name is Allanah along with Mama, Papa, my two older sisters who are muppets, and with Mama plugged there was one on the way. This morning we were going to have to fly through to be on time. Everyone was scurrying around in one direction or the other. One was upstairs, and some people were downstairs as if we were tiny mice scattering around in a panic.

"Allanah, hit the jacks before we leave the house sweetie," Mama yelled from upstairs, "Grab a few snacks also for the ride there."

We hit the road as soon as I hit the jacks and were in for a craic. On the way to the maiden voyage, containing myself was the hardest thing because I almost lost my breakfast honking all over the car floor. Arriving an hour later letting my legs free from a crammed car was a must, running around the square yelling tosh disrupting everyone from their morning tea sitting quietly staring as they sat at their bistros. Acting as if I had lost my marbles, a few crumpets let loose from mean looking elderly folks from the crowd along with a couple of rude words.

"Shhhhhhh," roared the crowd in a cacophony of sounds.

Walking back to my family in disappointment, I spot something at the corner of my eye. A bright object caught my attention. It was her, the one and only Titanic, the maiden voyage was equipped with reading and writing room, smoking room, restaurants, as of what I heard when I earwigged on a couple who looked they cost a billion dollars.

An ilk of people started to crowd around the dock en masse to put luggage on the ship. It was a vie of who got to put their luggage on initially. Some passengers became discourteous of others acting the maggot. Fortunately, my family and I were able to slip through the crowd people almost being crushed by a dirty tooth making it as distant away from the far end of the ridiculous groups. Scanning the crowd of individuals a little kid was throwing a paddy, beautiful women dressed up in a million dollars along with a caked up face.

All of a sudden we were at the baggage area we were stopped by the rozzer to inspect us and check off into the first class list. "Top of the morning to you, we are the O'Reilly family," Papa said to the big buff man. Standing in one place motionless, he was searching for our names.

"Is this the O'Reilly family," said the rozzer in a serious voice, "Allanah, Aileen, Alice, Aideen, and Aengus O'Reilly," shot out the man's mouth.

"Why yes, yes that is us," I said in a frightened voice staring at the ground.

The rozzer flashed a wide smile plopping a zonk in my hand to prevent hard cheese. First class boarded the ship before standard and third class which was when we boarded the ship. Our room number was B25, passing the wealthiest people, I zoomed to the suite as fast as I could.

Entering the room was as if you were entering a castle of sweet smelling flowerets.The room had a sign saying, "Thank you for boarding the RMS Titanic, It is our privilege to have the O'Reilly family aboard this ship, we wish you all the best. Enjoy!" Along with free refreshments, complimentary cigars, monogrammed bath robes, and the biggest of beds with attached canopies. Being so racked and knackered I dropped my bags and plopped myself on a decorated bed.

Eventually, my parents and sisters walked in trudging the unnecessary luggage behind. In awe, they stood in a uniform line with their jaws dropped. They were amazed at was before them. Faster than a blink of an eye my family was already calling beds so we challenged each other to get to the perfect bed fit just for us.

The unpacking began and in the end, our room was left in tatters. Carefree and racked, Mama, Papa, Aileen, and Alice were out cold on their comfy beds. "Today was the day that we set sail on the one and only RMS Titanic," before my eyelids became heavy sending me into a deep sleep.

Irish/ British Terms: Craic (good time), Knackered (exhausted), Dirty Tooth (unclean person), Zonk (one pound coin), Racked (tired), Muppet (fool), Caked (women wearing to much makeup), Acting the Maggot (jerk), The Jacks (bathroom), Noodle (head), Earwig (eavesdrop), Fortnight (two weeks), Honk (vomit), Rozzer (police), Paddy (temper tantrum), Tosh (nonsense), In tatters (shredded pieces), Plugged (pregnant), Hard Cheese (expression of bad luck), Marbles (wit, good sense)


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