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Cung Le

Cung Le made his first appearance on the professional M.M.A. stage in 2006, and shortly after won the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship in 2008, setting high standards through his powerful kicks, skillful strikes, and well-timed take-downs. This U.S-Vietnamese MMA Champion, actor and producer is a household name in many parts of Asia, Europe and is equally adored in Hollywood.

He has starred in many major movies such as 'Puncture Wounds', 'Dragon Eyes', 'The Man With the Iron Fists', 'Pandorum' and Oscar-nominated 'The Grandmaster'. Born in Saigon, Vietnam, he arrived in the U.S. at three years old and found success as a world-class fighter gracing the covers of many major martial arts publications such as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Illustrated; and has made headlines and appearances in numerous main-stream outlets all over the world.

Cung Le's current projects include host for the upcoming Vcitory8 Event in Vietnam Oct 19, 2019. celebrity host and commentator for the new combat sport league Extreme Kumite International Championships (EKIC),a feature film comedy "Over The Border" as well as several other major projects soon to be announced. Make sure to check out Cung Le's training videos on You tube for a behind the scene look at how Cung Le trains.

Cung Le's latest high-profile project was coaching and mentoring fighters on the reality T.V. show: "The Ultimate Fighter: China," and preparing them for the March 1st match in Macao where the winner earned a six-figure U.F.C. contract. This is the dream title that will catapult any fighter's status into stardom.

Typically, the role of mentor and coach is reserved for the president of U.F.C. - Dana White. For the first time, he has appointed someone else - Cung Le - to take his position this season. This speaks volumes about Cung Le's martial arts skill and his ability to attract a world audience. Behind the scenes, Cung Le is an extremely down-to-earth, warm and fun-loving person with a positive view on life.

He enjoys spending quality time and training his sons in martial arts. Currently he has been promoting the new combat sport (EKIC) Extreme Kumite International Championships and preparing himself for upcoming projects. Born to Fight, since 2001. He also attends martial arts events, works on various publicity projects, contributes positively to various non-profits through his "Train for a Cause with Cung Le" events, and stays true to himself by always expressing his candid points of view.


Cung Le is a rarity in the entertainment business, a real action hero from the streets to the ring to the big screen. What you see him do in his films, he has done FOR REAL in the Octagon. Not many action stars fall into that category. He is a multi-dimensional actor from action to drama films he puts himself in each role with the tenacity of a fighter. You've seem his work, which has been praised by his peers, but the best is yet to come.......


"Puncture Wounds" won best fight scene

"IRON FIST" Nominated for Oscars in Best Achievement in Cinematography as well as Best Achievement in Costume Design


"I believe it’s still a work in progress balancing out the film career and the fight career. I can say I’m part of a movie that was nominated for two Academy Awards, so I can say no MMA fighters could say that yet" -Cung Le

Upcoming Projects

The Target

Release date 2020

Starring Cung Le and Daniel Wu

The Covet

Starring Cung Le and Lawrence Fishburn

International Bodyguard Championships

Creator: Jeff Arcio

Host: Cung Le

Synopsis: INTERNATIONAL BODYGUARD CHALLENGE is a weekly, one-hour reality competition show that will test the executive protection instinct and skills of twelve contestants world-wide, from America to China

Fight or Flight Training Seminar

Instructor Cung Le

The Code

Starring Cung Le and Anthony Le


Host by Cung Le

EXTREME KUMITE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (EKIC), formally know as Bare Knuckle Fighting Kumite (BKFK) is the first promotion allowed to hold a legal, sanctioned, and regulated bare knuckle event in the United States since 1889. Based in Philadelphia, and headed by President Edward Simpson , EKIC is dedicated to preserving the historical legacy of bare knuckle fighting, while utilizing a specifically created rule set which emphasizes fighter safety. EKIC will hold all of its bouts in a revolutionary circular four-rope ring, designed to encourage fast-paced and exciting bouts. The patented EKIC “Squared Circle” contains scratch lines, based on the Brighton Rules which governed bare knuckle fighting in the 19th century, and which requires fighters to “Toe the Line”: start every round face to face, and just inches apart.

Youngblood is a superhero team that starred in their self-titled comic book, created by writer/artist Rob Liefeld. ... In 2019, Liefeld revealed that has not owned the rights to Youngblood for several years. Youngblood was a high-profile superteam sanctioned and overseen by the United States government. Cung Le will be a featured actor in the series.

The Ninja Kidz

Cung Le will be appear on several of this top kids TV show that will lead into a full-length feature film in 2020

Ninja Kidz TV – 6+ Million Followers

NINJA KIDZ TV is an Awesome family friendly channel for all ages. We make Action skits, have Adventures, do Challenges, and teach cool Skilz. Our videos share valuable character-building messages and powerful life skilz. No matter your age, you too can be a Ninja Kid! Ninja Kidz Got Skilz!


They are available in 20 countries through our official broadcast partner Canal+, more than 20 countries through our broadcast partner Fox Sports Asia and internationally on OTT through our deal with UFC Fight Pass.


Awards, Media and Nominations

  • Fight choreographer on feature film "Puncture Wound"
  • 2012 Action Fest "Rising Star Award"
  • Feature film Dragon Eyes "Best Action Scene"
  • Coach on the Hong Kong reality Show "The Contender"
  • Host for the new reality show Bodyguard WARs (2019)
  • Cung has been featured on the covers of several of the most renowned martial arts publications in the world, including Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Illustrated.
  • 2008 Fight of the Year Bazzie Award vs. Frank Shamrock
  • Black Belt Magazine "Fighter of The Year"
  • Defeated Jason Yee on the first ever Sanshou Pay-Per-View event
  • Cung has also captivated his audience with many appearances on ESPN and ESPN2 StrikeForce events as well and Pay-Per-View K-1 USA Grand Pre Kickboxing Championship.
Cung Le

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