Typhoon By: Araminta

  • To investigate the cause and effects of natural disasters.
  • To identify appropriate safety procedures for natural disasters events
  • How the natural disaster can be managed

Typhoon is the name of a wild storm that occur in the Western Pacific. They usually occur when warm air and cold air mix together. They usually form over oceans and slowly move over to land. When they hit land, they can cause extreme winds, heavy rain falls as well as flooding. All those can destroy many buildings and other properties.

It is important to prepare for an upcoming Typhoon. Make sure there are no problems with your drainage system, anything exposing the outside world must be properly sealed. Make sure to bring read-to-eat foods that can last your family for a few days. If the property you're living in has a few other floors, make sure you stay in the top floor incase it floods. Make sure your main source of electricity is as high off ground as possible. Make sure to bring a First-Aid Kit or a Survival Kit. If you are advised to evacuate, do it.

There are buildings that are designed to be Typhoon-Proof. Most of these buildings have a 4-sided flat roof. These roofs are more streamlined and sealed from buffeting winds which have less chances of blowing away.

Stilts are another way of lessening the destruction. Even if the elevation isn't that high, the force of the water will be lessened and the waterbcan just go through the stilts instead of pushing throught the building.

Another good way of avoiding injuries is to have tempered glass as windows. Make sure that they are certified. Assured by Coscolluella, the tempered glass if beoken will break into tiny pieces like "Monggo Seeds". They reduce the chances of serious onjuries by alot. Even if you can't affored it, there are always other alternatives. Such as Storm Shutters. They prevent the the pieces of glass that break off from injuring someone.

Upcoming Typhoons can usually be detected a few days in advance. There is no other way to avoid this disaster. Except to prepare for whats coming.


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