Technology of Participation (ToP®) A smarter way to engage groups for better results.

Why ToP®?

Is your team underperforming or lacking motivation? Are you struggling to gain consensus? Maybe your industry is experiencing major changes? There are many reasons that a ToP facilitated session can help your team achieve maximum results. Read on to see if it’s right for you.

What is ToP®?

ToP is a set of structured facilitation methods that:

  • Transform the way groups think, talk and work together
  • Recognize and honor contributions from all group members
  • Increase diversity and minimize conflict
  • Create a safe space for all to share their unique perspectives
  • Obtain desired outcomes
  • Reveal untapped team expertise

ToP’s technology is different because it engages groups with active, hands-on participation. Unlike smartphone apps or content-heavy PowerPoint presentations, this technology uses time-tested facilitation methods to engage participants and tap into their inner wisdom.

When is a trained facilitator necessary?

An expert facilitator is necessary when your team or organization is faced with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Struggling to gain consensus
  • Underperforming initiative
  • Outdated needs assessment
  • Change in business/political climate
  • Implementation gaps
  • Stalled action planning
  • Team fragmentation

Who will lead your ToP facilitated session?

Aaron Wolowiec

Aaron is a learning strategist and meetings coach for leading trade associations and individual membership societies across the United States. Read Bio

Lindsay Gross

Lindsay is a clinical social worker with more than a decade of experience working with multidisciplinary groups to improve public policy and conduct systems needs assessments. Read Bio

Our trained facilitators, Aaron Wolowiec and Lindsay Gross, are the only two professionals in Michigan certified in the ToP methods and two of only 89 in the entire nation who hold this level of certification [July 2017].

• • •


“Aaron continually reminded the group of where they were in the journey and where they were going. Aaron created an atmosphere where he encouraged everyone to respond, and where his words communicated to participants he was invested and cared about their journey.”
“I have been 100 percent impressed with Lindsay's leadership and facilitation of this project. If I could, I would hire her to do all strategic planning. Her follow through is impeccable; she never appears rattled in front of this group. This is probably one of the most difficult, diverse, opinionated groups of individuals that I have ever worked with, yet she brings us all along and gains consensus through a shared vision.”


Half-day sessions: approximately $3,600
Full-day sessions: approximately $5,900

Each client is unique, so we suggest that you contact the Event Garde team for a custom proposal.

Standard pricing includes:

  • A pre-session consultation where we learn about your specific needs and desired outcomes
  • A pre-session design document where we plan activities aimed at achieving your goals and objectives
  • Two facilitators, with both a male and female perspective, who skillfully lead your session
  • Post-event documentation where we summarize the outcomes of your session, as well as recommend next steps and tips for implementation success

• • •

For more information about ToP, the Event Garde team or to discuss your upcoming facilitation needs, please contact:

Lindsay Gross by email at lindsay@eventgarde.com or by phone at (517) 281-6359

Additionally, you can visit our website at

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Or to read more about ToP visit our blog article



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