Spring Break Arizona 2017

For spring break, my family and I traveled to Sedona Arizona. While there, my family and I did some very memorable things that were very awesome and memorable

Hot Air Balloon

One of the things my family and I did was ride in a hot air balloon over 500 acres. This was like 4:00am so I was pretty tired and sadly cant really remember too much, but enough to remember how cool the sights were. It was also great to see all the landforms and sights that were visible at the height we were at.

Red Rocks

A few other things we did was hike, a lot. We hiked the red rocks in the area and on many ranges such as devil's bridge and Cathedral rock. It took a while to do any of these hikes because my entire family went and this is like 15 people hiking the same range, but it was fun still.

Grand canyon

One very memorable thing my family and I did was visit the grand canyon. I really enjoyed it because I found this landform beautiful and so memorable. It is a lot more exciting than just a landform that you look at and is unexplainable through words.


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