Montgomery Bus Boycot Maddy Reed

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was told to move to the back of the bus she was riding by a white male because she was an African American Woman.

Rosa Parks on the bus

In Montgomery, Alabama from Dec 5, 1955 – Dec 20, 1956 the African Americans living in Montgomery stopped riding the busses. The busses were forced to shut down because they were not making enough money.

Rosa Parks getting finger printed when getting arrested

They had to walk everywhere because they were unable to afford cars and they were boycotting the bus company. They just had to deal with walking everywhere because they needed to prove a point to the bus company.

Transit Bus

Thanks to the African Americans of Montgomery, Alabama people of any race, ethnicity, and gender can ride transit busses where ever and when ever they need. They are able to sit in any seat on the bus and are not told they have to sit in a certain spot on the bus.

According to The federalist, a website, "During a protest to advocate for safe spaces for students of color and transgender individuals, University of California-Berkeley attendees blocked white students from using a highly trafficked campus pathway. Last Friday, protestors carried banners that read “Fight 4 Spaces of Color,” and linked arms to form a human barricade in front of the campus’s Sather Gate. They only allowed non-white students to pass through."

I think this relates back to the Montgomery Bus Boycots because it shows how people don't feel comfortable in a situation just because they are a different skin color.

Information about the University of California protest is from the website above.

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