My Swim Story By: Anjali Velagapudi

I was born on July 29th, 2004. I was that energetic kid who never wanted to go to sleep, and I was always just jumping around and always wanted to o something. When I was five my dad signed me up for swim classes, which at the time was grueling, but looking back at it now, it benefited me a lot. Before I started taking swimming seriously I would always disobey my parents in the most annoying way ever. If they would tell me not to scooter around the house, then five minutes later guess what I'd be doing? Scootering.🙄 After I started to go to swim practice more often, I'd be too tired to argue and fight. I loved the challenges that swimming brought, and I loved the sound of the water in my ears every time I took a stroke. Swimming became what I looked forward to doing, it became my coping method when I was sad, it became my everything.

My fish at 5th grade camp!!

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