Facilitated team workshops A closer look

Poppyfish facilitated workshops bring people together to tackle the important issues about the way that they work, and how they can be at their best for the challenges that lay ahead.

Output from these sessions can be astounding. In just one day teams can generate more productive outputs than they might otherwise see in a whole month of meetings.

But how do they work?

Great things happen when people come together.

Conversations with colleagues build common purpose and strengthen relationships.

When the whole team comes together these positive outcomes are magnified.

And under the guidance of a skilled Poppyfish facilitator, these conversations can generate meaningful change.

These sessions are all about improving communication, building a shared vision and growing trust in each other.

On these workshops we look at teams through the eyes of the people working in them. We celebrate the characters in the room and respect that each person comes with different needs and aspirations for the day.

We take time to appreciate the conflicting demands that are placed upon people, and flag some of the challenges this creates.

Sessions often start with an exploration of what it is like to work in the team. This is done in a way that highlights the good things and allows the negatives to be aired in a confidential environment.

We know that sometimes things might feel bad.

And then we build on themes to allow debate about what the perfect team environment would be like.

In an ideal world, what would we see? What would be different? How do we fix the negatives?

Team members share anecdotes and build bonds. The stories are honest and memorable. Most raise a smile.

The main focus of the workshop is up to you. Many clients use the time to review processes and procedures to ensure they remain fit for purpose and are understood by the whole team.

We do this in a creative way with exercises and group work that allows new light to be shone in areas where it is most needed.

To allow the team to really get to understand each other we introduce a simple behaviour profile and use it to look at individual behaviour, team culture and dynamics.

Each person completes a profile online before the event and an overall team profile will be shared in the session. Profiling your whole team is an eye opening experience and one that clients find very beneficial. And because we do this as a group profile it does not break the bank.

The SPECTRUM model also gives a common language that teams can use when back at their desks to inform discussions on culture, expectations, change and the delivery of strategy.

A common theme for teams is the question of performance. We target this through some simple questions: Why does this team exist? What are the key outputs of this team? What does Poor, Good and Excellent performance look like? How are you performing now? How do we make things different or better?

These are big questions - and ones to which every member of every team should know the answer. Could you answer them? Would your team mates give the same answer?

These ideas on improvements can then be turned into specific goals and actions, with responsibilities clearly flagged. These form some of the key outputs from the day.

We can draw upon a number of well tested facilitated group exercises and methods to allow people to work on the big issues that are affecting the team.

Our facilitation boards are just one way of getting people to work creatively in groups. They allow us to use 'learning walls' to explore big issues in glorious technicolour and ensure that everyone's voice is heard and captured; from the loudest extrovert to the deepest introvert.

We give people the chance to get creative.

Some teams really go for it.

We always trust in the power of the group to reach the right outcome, and we run with the energy that this creates. This makes these workshops a veritable hotbed of creativity.

When people step up and share their dreams the passion is infectious.

We can even catapult teams into the future to report back on what they see and how the team can prepare.

It's amazing what you can learn when you hear people talk about the future of their business.

We know that people see more value in things that they create for themselves. These workshops are therefore structured to promote ownership at all levels within the team and to make people realise that they can be part of the solution.

All actions generated are owned by someone in the room.

Allowing teams to work together in this way generates positivity and sends a genuine signal of intent through the team.

Holding a facilitated workshop for your team shows that you are listening to your people and care about what they think. People value the opportunity to contribute. It promotes action.

Good leaders embrace this approach. And your team will respect you all the more for showing confidence in them.

We will handle all preparation for your event and will work with you to ensure we target the areas that you want to focus on, and give the team the right mix of activities to get the best outputs.

We will provide all materials, and can help you find a suitable venue.

On the day, our team will take care of everything, allowing the team to fully focus on working together.

And what goes on tour, stays on tour.

Size is not important. We can handle teams of any size from 5 to 50 or even more.

And if desired, we can let your teams unwind with some outdoor team building activities.

The feedback we receive for these sessions is always strong and teams leave the room feeling engaged, focused and ready for the tasks ahead.

And, most importantly, our clients tell us these sessions work!

After the session, all the outputs are photographed and we will feedback a full summary of outputs. We will even conduct a post event review to help you keep on top of the outputs.

It's vitally important to act fast on the priorities identified. After all, if you don't act, then the day would have been wasted. In most cases these actions will be owned by members of the team but they will need leadership to champion their cause. The best team leaders will step back and let their team be awesome.

And our consultants are on hand to help you deliver any initiatives that need ongoing support, project management or training.

Oh, and one more thing....

We like to make sure people have a good time.

Because if it isn't fun, then we are not doing it right.

If you'd like to get your team buzzing and ready for the challenges that lay ahead, then please get in touch. We'd love to help you.

Call us today on 01582 843400 or e-mail enquiries@poppyfish.co.uk


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