Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Shantel wilson

The Butterfly Rainforest immediately captured my attention. Just the beauty and majestic qualities of all the little creatures, butterflies, and birds made my cautious of my actions and the sight of each one engulfed my attention. I think the adventure in seeking the most butterflies is what grasped my attention the most because it was like a game. I learned that many of the butterflies were from South America and that is why the helpers at the museum lay out bananas, so that they can still obtain proper nutrients. I found the delicate nature of the insects and birds most enjoyable because they tweets and fluttering was truly relaxing and breath-taking.

Chiefly Exchange

The FLMNH allowed me to see the world through Leopold's eyes, particularly in this display of the Native Americans because Spanish conquerors ran these people out of their rightfully own territory through force and violence just to destroy the land for colonization, whereas, the Indians took great care of this land and respected it. Instead of running them off, the newcomers should of learned from them and shared values and ideas. This exhibit made me feel more appreciative to people of our past and the love they had for our planet. My roommate was very shocked to learn that the leader of this tribe was actually a women and I believe that's a great feat and others should consider that when determining out future leaders. The FLMNH enabled visitors to interact, hear, and even feel the messages they wanted to express. It also captures ideals of Leopold in how our environmental footstep has destroyed many beauties out the world and we should cherish our surroundings more.

History in Caves

In the exhibit with the caves and fossils within them I was able to step out of my daily lives by getting a glimpse of the past. This allowed me to reflect on many things that caves possess. Some of those qualities being ancient artwork inside of caves which made me realize people in the past had nothing but nature yet still learned how to do significant things by making hand prints and depicting animals. Though this exhibit mostly focused on fossils which I believe is natures way of holding onto our past, I think we can understand how much access and opportunity people have in today's world.

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