Otzi the iceman BY: anmol bassi

How did Otzi die?

Otzi the iceman who is now preserved in ice was alive approximately 5,300 years ago. He was discovered on September 19th, 1991 by two European hikers in the Northern Alps on the border of Australia and Italy. The hikers found him on a mountain top in the early summer. While some believe that he was murdered, many presume that it was due to the harsh weather conditions.

The possible theories of this incident are arguable however, I believe that Otzi was murdered. I agree with this for the following reasons. When scientists discovered Otzi they found a flint arrowhead in his left shoulder and two injuries near his right wrist which lead them to believe the theory that caused his death. Otzi may have been in a fight but scientists wonder why he didn't take out his copper axe to protect himself. Many believe that the person who murdered Otzi wanted the axe which is one of a kind in the whole world and is made out of 99.7 percent pure copper but the axe was left on the site where Otzi died. Another possibility is that the tribal rivals attacked him. Many think that Otzi was supposedly a tribal leader who got shot from another tribal leader due to personal reasons. Otzi was buried under layers of snow which made it harder for scientists to discover him. I personally think Otzi was murdered reasons I have stated above.

Below is what Otzi's axe looks like...

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