Clouds By: Keyon burris

Stratus clouds are forming a continuous horizontal gray sheets, often with rains or snow. Features clouds of low altitude varying in color and gray clouds.
Cumulus are puffy and have flag bases. There altitude is 2,000(3,300) in altitude unless there more vertical cumulus congress.

Atlostratus is middle altitude clouds. There altitude is 2,400-6,000 it This is the start of the relationship between wind and water that gives the ... Waves always travel in the same direction as the wind is blowing: if the windgreen blue and sheet layer.

Cirrocumulus has an high altitude tropospheric clouds. It's appearance is small high, patched, and rows. Altitude 6,000 and 12,000m. Small liquid droplets ice and snow.
Cirrus altitude is above 5.500m it in tropical regions it's appearances or shape is thin, wasps stands Rain is precipitation.
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