Open house portfolio by alicia schrock

This is a film plot graph which shows all the components of the parts of the movie; the most exciting part, the resolution, etc. This is used as an outline before making a film so that it's more organized.

A lower angle shown in movies is used to make the scene more dramatic, this angle seems to make the character appear larger/taller, making them seem more heroic and strong.

A higher angle shot is used when the directer wants to make the character seem smaller or more weak. It's used when there is a problem and they want to make it more dramatic.

These story maps are used to create an outline for a film or short story. You draw out your ideas of the visuals, write out the captions & state the angle; this makes the filming easier because you have a written outline to follow.
Reflectors are used in photography and film making to reflect the natural light onto the subjects giving a natural looking glow without having to use the harsh studio lights. Different colors are used for different effects and depending on the current light state.

Boom mic are used to capture sound that's more defined than just the camera would pick up.

Boom mics are held right above the speakers head to capture the dialog without getting in the frame of the shot.

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