English 1030 Spark Page Zombies take Clemson By, Chase Becker

One Wednesday, on a sunny afternoon in the sweet, small town of Clemson in South Carolina, students were going about there business going back and forth to classes and such.

The nurses had been working on many new technologies in the new Lab that was gifted to Clemson in 2025 from the president himself due to all their achievements and break throughs in the science and medical fields. But one evil professor had secretly taken advantage of the facilities and begun an underground project.

He was bringing the cadavers that the nursing students use for their classes and labs back to life using a new machine that involved radiation and an carefully crafted serum of radon. One of his projects escaped and found his was to the campus sidewalks. The young zombie blended in and many focus on their own business dismissed his pale and corpse like complexion ( hey, college can do that to some people).


Created with images by siska maria eviline - "Zombie" • PublicDomainPictures - "academic architecture building" • Columbia GSAPP - "Culture and Heritage After Palmyra" • thematthewknot - "Zombie me"

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