Attack of the drones. food can be delivered to your door step from a robot.


transport-to deliver from one place to another.

pedestrians-person who walks across the public road and cars and motors have to watch out for them.

dispatcher-A person who connects you from one line to another. In this case its a person who helps the robot navigate to get where it was going.

Navigate- a planned out map of where the drone or robot is suppose to take food or grocceries

programmed-made for a purpose, to do something.

courier-a messenger who transports goods or documents, in particular.

How will the delivery robots improve our lives?

The robots will improve human’s lives for the better by saving time and running small errands that you would not do with the time you have for instance old and busy people get their groceries to their doorstep on time if they don't have time to go pick up the food from the store, also the robots may be better than humans delivering food for you because the humans charge extra for the delivery as for the robots they don't charge for delivery . The customers can rest assured that their food will reach to their door step with the Robot delivery , according to Vain of the “Quartz”, he says that the robots “They use similar technology to Google’s self-driving research cars, and are in constant contact with a human dispatcher who can take over if needed.” this proves that the delivery robots are useful and are important because it doesn't just give up when it's lost it sends distress signal to the people operate the robots when they are lost . Also according to Cara Mcgoogan of “ The telegraph” she says that “The robot, which has so far been tested in Greenwich, Milton Keynes and Glastonbury, is cheaper than the average human delivery, costing £1 to transport within a 3 mile radius, compared with the £3 to £6 it costs for a human courier.” This proves that the humans are better off with the robot delivery. Furthermore if you think about it we have all been at a tough spot where the delivery guy asks for a tip and you feel bad because you don't have change to give to them so i personally think that the robots are by far better than a delivery guy.

How will it be able to function?

The Robot will be able to function by the 6 video camera’s on each side of the robot and this will help the robot function and navigate , also the robot does not just go where it is programed to go because it has wheels it functions as a human if it scans a human or an old person coming up on the street it kindly moves out of the way so that it's easier for the old man/woman to get by. According to Vain of the “Quartz”, he says that the robots “They use similar technology to Google’s self-driving research cars, and are in constant contact with a human dispatcher who can take over if needed.” this proves that the robots can be able to be trusted to navigate by themselves with the humans on the streets side by side delivering food…. according to Matt McFarland he says that “The robots hold deliveries in their hulls, which flip open with the push of a button. For now, Starship Technologies, which makes the robots, will have an employee walking behind the robot to keep it out of trouble and answer any questions from curious pedestrians”. This means that soon we will be able to have robots delivering food to us in a hull and it will navigate and function for the greater good of the citizens of the U.S. However just because a drone can deliver something doesnt mean it will deliver with quality

what measures are in place to guarantee quality services?

The measures that are in quality to guarantee customer services are the company installed cameras that help the company know where the robots is when it is lost and when it does gets lost it sends a distress signal to the company so that they know that food doesn't get to its destination and they send a new one that ensures the customers get what they ordered. According to Vain of the “Quartz”, he says that the robots “They use similar technology to Google’s self-driving research cars, and are in constant contact with a human dispatcher who can take over if needed.” this means that the robots can guarantee the customers quality services are in check and can be assured that they will get their food at the time they want it to be at their door step. Furthermore according to the “CNN” article by mac spinsvern “When the robot arrives, customers will be texted a custom link that they have to tap in order to unlock (and open) the robot’s hatch. That’s just one of the safety measures Starship has built to ensure that the goods don’t get swiped in transit — others include the cameras, GPS, built-in alarms, and a two-way radio on each robot”. This proves that when a person orders food they have nothing to worry about because the gps consists of alarms and other securities to help customers trust in the system that the robots will get their things home safe and warm. As a matter of fact the robots and drones will have competition with other technology

Will there be competition with robot delivery?

The company will certainly have competitions about which will be able to deliver the most groceries and which will have the fastest time. The robot delivery has already gotten competition with the drone delivery so far and this proves that more companies will make machines that will be faster and could carry more groceries. According to stuart Rivett he says that “While drone deliveries are still pie in the sky, about 20,000 people have already seen delivery robots undergoing tests on streets in Estonia, Germany and Greenwich in London”.this means that the delivery robots already have a competition about delivering and so far its winning because a lot of people have already seen it getting tested in the streets. Furthermore the drones are still getting tested and according to Taylor Saper he says “Aerial drones are very good at delivering things in rural areas; ours cannot do that,” he said. “But when it comes to city centers and residential areas, that is where delivery robots on the ground are much better in a commercial sense than aerial drones.” this means that the drones are better at some places but when it comes to the ground the robots dominate. More over the drones have a big role in the upcoming future with delivering and helping humans.

How will the robots help us in the future?

Delivery robots will be efficient and cost less energy than delivery trucks, having delivery robots will change our ways of life in the future. Companies see these robots as high tech and inexpensive for them to use. “The robots are the first of what the companies foresee as a wave of inexpensive, high-tech, electricity-driven alternatives to gasoline car-driven shopping trips and delivery trucks that contribute to traffic gridlock and pollution. Urban futurists see the little robots as an integral part of a digitally based “smart city” landscape — Stated Mindy Fetterman for the Washington post. Delivery robots will cause no pollution unlike delivery trucks do, and they will be a better option to make our future better. The time it takes to get a package now days a week to come to your house, but for delivery robots people will get all there stuff lot faster that they buy online, and my improve our economy. John Phillips from NBC news said that Kit Yarrow stated “These time-saving systems, and the race to create even faster ones, are part of an emerging instant gratification economy designed to accommodate what consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow calls the ("I want what I want when I want it" customer, or IWWIWWIWI.) Having our desires delivered in minutes is a convenient game changer for those who have trouble making shopping trips, but the instant gratification economy faces serious challenges — and possible unintended psychological effects.” Delivery robots will help our future by saving gas and getting our package way lot faster than a delivery truck. By saving gas from delivery trucks will consume gas so it lasts longer in the future.

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