My Portfolio Jasmine dhillon, period 2

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop exercise #3: Crab

The crab project was to photoshop the crab and place it onto a background of our choice. The most difficult part of photoshopping the crab was trying to isolate the hairs on the crab.

photoshop exercise #4: fireworks

The fireworks exercise taught us how to transform a daytime photo to night as well as modify the lighting to make the fireworks look real. The hardest part of this assignment was to crop the building because of its varying shapes.

Photoshop Exercise #6 Custom Paint Job & a Dog

The assignment task was to add more lawn to 'Mr. Fuzzington' using content aware fill. We were taught how to manipulate the dog by stretching him out in different forms with content aware scale. For a comedic effect I decided to enter the text and include the hot dog.

surrealism project

I photoshopped my family's heads onto lions and photoshopped human bodies onto the photo with lion heads. The sunny blue sky that was originally in the picture was replaced with a star wars sunset. The banner on the left was originally a restaurant banner and replace with "Mazur, F01, Digital Imaging".

Photoshop exercise #9: paint effects

Learning to create paintings from digital images is much more complicated than simply editing photos in Photoshop. We switched from the 'Essentials' board in Photoshop to the 'Painting' board. The most difficult part about turning an image into a painting was finding a balance between allowing for a clear image and yet still having the look of a painting.

Spark Page Presentation

Project #1 Elements of Art and Principles of Design

As a group, we took notes on the 'Lines' chapter from the Elements of Art and Principles of Design" textbook and each designed an Adobe Spark Page about the chapter. We presented our work to the class in a 5 minute presentation.

Google Slides

Artist presentation

We had to choose an artist to research and create a Google Slides presentation on and my group chose to do Andy Warhol. We researched artist details, the artist's time period and style of art, what the work was about, the 'look' of the art, and finally interesting things about our artist.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator exercises #5, 6, and 7

When beginning to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator we started out tracing simple logos with a helpful template. We started out with the Vector that showed us exactly where to draw and let go of each line, Kleenex had fewer helpful hints, and the Kellogg's template had no hints whatsoever (which made it the most difficult).

Illustrator exercise #8: cartoon

Grr was the first cartoon we were given to trace, graduating from drawing simple lines and words to the complex structures of an actual cartoon drawing. I now learned how to do shading by using layer opacity.

Illustrator exercise #9: select a cartoon to trace

Our last project of the semester was to pick our own cartoon to trace. I decided to do Gus Gus of 'Cinderella', Dexter of 'Dexter's Laboratory', and Gerald from 'Hey Arnold'. The easiest character to do was Dexter because of his simple lines and lack of any complex features while Gus Gus was the most complicated with all of his curves and details involved.

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