Coffee Craze Cassie Kessler

Scooter's Coffee

Scooter's Coffee is a midwest classic and is a great place for a cup of coffee. Scooter's is great if you do not care for the taste of coffee, because even their plain black coffee is sweeter than usual. The specialty drinks do not taste like coffee and are smooth and creamy. You can order their drink either hot, iced, or blended. Scooters also has teas, smoothies and various other drinks for non coffee drinkers. Scooter's is a convenient stop in the morning for coffee.


For such cheap prices, Dunkin's coffee is surprisingly good. They have a wide variety of options for coffee, food and other drinks, making it a good place to stop for a full breakfast in the morning. Their coffee is what you'd expect; it's not too bitter but not too sweet. Dunkin is the perfect quick stop in the morning for quality coffee and good breakfasts.


Starbucks, while good for tasty other fun drinks, is not a true coffee place anymore. Their plain coffee, while stronger than other places, is bitter and just tastes burnt. Their fruity drinks or other teas are the reason to go these days. Another thing Starbucks does not have going for them: prices. For almost double the money, you get the same amount of coffee as Dunkin' or Scooter's. While it's still a good place to go, it's no longer a true coffee place.

Hard Bean

Their slogan is "A Destination, Not a Drive Thru" and that would be correct. They have no drive thru, and while they're never that busy, be prepared to wait as if you were in a drive thru. This is definitely more of a place to sit and talk with friends or do homework. Their coffee is pretty strong, but a little bitter. It is not good enough to be worth the wait if you're in a rush, but Hard Bean is a cute place to sit and spend time, and have some coffee while you're at it.

The Beanery

The Beanery is locally owned and only has two locations: Papillion and Gretna. Papillion is drive thru only, but the coffee is spectacular. Once again, the main problem is price. Beanery's coffee is very smooth and never bitter. If anything, their coffee is sweet. If you have a couple extra minutes, Beanery is the place to stop and get you freshly brewed coffee, made fresh the second you order.

A Hill of Beans

While not conveniently located, A Hill of Beans has some of the best coffee I have ever had. The coffee is so smooth and tastes perfect: not bitter, not too sweet. However, if you like flavored coffee drinks, get your sweet tooth prepared. This is a great place if you're out for the day and want to stop and go inside to get a cup of coffee. They roast their coffee in house so it smells amazing, and their prices are surprisingly low. I would strongly recommend.


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