Problem Parrots Adoption Stories Read about the adoption experience and the parrots that have found their forever homes.

Poppy - African Grey

Following the heartbreaking loss of our beloved African Grey, Charlie, a friend of mine who has adopted several parrots from PP gave me the details of the charity. I emailed Dan and told him a little bit of information about us. Because PP was closed over the Christmas break, I had to wait a few weeks before I could have my home check done, however throughout the break, I was kept in touch by the WO coming to do my check as to a rough time scale of how long the wait would be, especially as she needed to travel 2 hours away from home to come and check, and as it was all top secret from my son, needed to be when he was at school. Caroline came out, as planned and put me at ease immediately!! She gave me lots of useful information. Several weeks went by, but as nobody knew and it needed to be the right bird to settle into our home, I was in no rush! One day, I had an email from Dan asking if I was interested in an African Grey who was still in her home, but her owner had made the very difficult decision to rehome her. Even thou Poppy was at the other end of the country, Dan worked hard to arrange for Jules, another WO to help with transporting her half way to me. My mum and I, and my youngest son (Sonny, age 2) made the journey to Worcester to meet Jules and Poppy. Love at first sight for me and Sonny and I couldn't wait to get her home for Koby to meet her!! Finally the moment arrived!! And the difficulty in keeping her a secret from him was so worth it!! His reaction was wonderful!!! Poppy's previous owner had written us some information down and included her number and we are in touch via FB and texts. Poppy is the perfect parrot for us. We are all smitten with her. Thank you to all involved in helping our hearts to heal a little!! Charlie left a huge hole and we think about and talk about her every day, and Poppy has helped fill the void so much.

When you wake on Christmas morning to the best gift ever.

Pumpkin came to us as a found bird, never thought in a million years a little cockatiel could have so much personality, after a couple of weeks we were smitten, so I messaged Dan and let him know my 12yr old wanted to adopt him along with the rest of the family. The process was quick and easy he was ours! Now to keep the secret until Xmas day lol. My son was over the moon, needless to say. Pumpkin is such a friendly chap will go to anyone,but as soon as its cage time he's a hissing monster lol. I don't think he'd ever seen vegetables or fruit but now really enjoys little bits of corn broccoli and carrots. He's also learnt to copy my ringnecks call and my greys alarm sounds, shouts my son and whistling the Adams family, he has taken us all by surprise and I think if you can open your heart to a little bird they will give you more than you could imagine in return. B Michelle Roche.

Donald and Noodles

After years of wanting a parrot, I was given information about problem parrots and I got in contact with Dan who arranged a home visit from himself. We chatted away about all the different parrots that were up for rehoming at the time and he mentioned about Donald and noodles. They sounded like a perfect but mischievous pair. A few weeks later they arrived and I couldn't of been more chuffed. They took to all us really well and settled in quick. Now Donald has a personality of a bipolar dinosaurs and noodles is a very relaxed girl. I love them to bits and wouldn't be without them. I am hoping to adopt another baby when I get me new house and got more room. Thank you to pp for making my dreams come true. By Sharna Bate.


My name is Heidi and I considered getting an African Grey Parrot for a couple years before finally getting one.... I had a look at several bird charities before deciding on PP. I contacted the charity and had a response really quickly. Then a few weeks later had my home check which I passed. I was happy to be a safe house if needed. Several months went by as no birds needed safe housing in my area and no appropriate birds for me to adopt... I was getting a little impatient and considered buying a baby from a breeder. Then a coupe of greys came up for adoption. but unfortunately was not suitable for me and my family... Then one day Dan contacted me and said one was coming into safe housing that would suit me and my family. I was very excited.... the grey was several miles away but with the help of PP and the welfare officers, was able to meet with a lovely lady Shell, half way between myself and where the bird was safe housed. The hand over went really well and I bought baby home. I was given the option to safe house her for a week or 2 to see if she fitted in with us and was told by the owner she was a little bit of an attacker once out of the cage (but we have never been attacked by her). but as soon as I saw her I knew I wouldn't want her to go after a week or so ... so I adopted her .. best thing I've done. .My adoption papers was emailed to me within a day and I signed them and got the adoption certificate sent straight away.. . I've had her for almost 3 months and she is one of the family . I'm still learning her little ways but we are getting there. She loves her tickles and happy to step up.... The charity has messaged me from time to time to see if all ok and I know they are always there to help if I need them...I have posted on the charity facebook page and within a couple hours I have had replies from other parrot owners... I would definitely recommend PP to anyone looking to give a bird a home. By Heidi Orchard.


Hi PP members I'm Coco & have exciting news 😊 I have been with Pp since they started the charity & over the years I've had a few homes & safe houses but they didn't work out for me ☹️ but in February my new sh mommy came to collect me to look after me whilst I waited for my next home, you see my mom is a MAC mommy & as much as she liked us Too's it wasn't her vision to own one HA HA 😂 until she met me 😊 my new mommy said it was love at first sight & even though her hubby had explained to her that if she were to be a safe house that's what it meant (she couldn't keep them) Ha Ha well that backfired because Daddy loves me too 💙 there's been a few bumps along the way but I've reached my final destination & my exciting news is my Mommy has adopted me even though i bit her on the nose she says i'm just a little over excited at times and i think maybe thats been my problem but my mom says I can stay here Forever & im so happy I've even stopped plucking my feathers so much & have a new best friend Oscar :) , I'm on a great diet & don't even have a cage, my mommy doesn't like cages so I play in the bird room & hang out in the flight with my new flock, THANK YOU PP for everything you have made me and my Mom very happy 😊 Steven Smith


When I first became a safe house for pp I was asked to safehouse two lovely elderly ladies, Sasha and Jen. Unfortunately Jen passed away due to old age so we decided to adopt Sasha as she was settled with us. Even though she is not tame she has gotten comfortable enough with us to take food from our hands. She is a very sweet little girl who enjoys her food, especially fruit. and loves to sit in the doorway of her cage chatting and dancing. By Maria Berry.


Last November I was casually browsing through the rehoming page just being a little nosey with no intention of adding to our flock but then I saw Alice. I told John about her and he said she can come live with us , one more won't hurt I sent Dan an email with a few details about us as a family and what I thought we had to offer and he got straight back to me. As it turned out Alice had already found her new home which we were glad to hear but we still had room for another little one. After Christmas break I had my home check , and two days later I had a call to say we has passed it all moved pretty quickly from there . Dan called to say they had been in touch with a lady who was very reluctantly wanting to re-home a grey and he thought she would be a perfect fit for us. The lady wanted her to go straight to her new home as apposed to a safe house to minimise stress, she also wanted a home with experience and lots of time to spend with her. I spoke to John and we agreed we would love her to come to us. After exchanging a few messages with Dan and getting the ladies email we made arrangements to go and collect Molly. Molly came with her cage and all her toys etc , her mummy even wrote me a letter about what she likes and her routine to help minimise stress. She has been with us for five days now and is settling in great. She is a little chatterbox and enjoying talking to our other two. She is still nervous of me and John but that's to be expected as she was with previous owner from hatching 14 years ago. All Molly needs is love , time and patience which we have plenty of and I'm sure it won't be long until she is causing mischief with her new feathered friends. My experience with PP could not of been any better and because of the great work they do we now have a new fid and Molly gets a second chance. By Leanne McCarthy


Charlie came to us on September 2015 aged 7. I was "persuaded" by Zoe to take her on as I already had a Blue Front Amazon. Charlie doesn't like to be touched or held, which isn't always easy when we have to move her but we get sound it. She is brilliant for going into her cage though if you shake the treat jar! She adores Echo and is quite happy with her lot. We believe she had at least two homes before coming to Problem Parrots, one a "Drugs Den" and then a lady bought her from them to give her a better life but didn't know much about parrots and let her fly free with a large dog which used to jump up and bite her when she flew. She now has free run of our bird room and is free to cone and go safely all day with Echo and our other Problem Parrots adoptee Delboy, now known as Delta - well we already had Charlie and Echo!! By caroline Hoddinott


I adopted Harriet in Oct 2016. As far as I know she is about 12 years old and had spent most of her life being called "Harry" as her previous owners thought she was a boy. She had plucked most of her feathers and had a poor diet. She didn't like having to share her safe house with other birds as she wanted her other mums all to herself. So she had to be found a new home as soon as PP could. I only saw 1 picture of her and fell in love immediately. Things moved quickly from my 1st meeting with her and Shell and for me it was love at 1st site. She is such a happy bird, so loveable and full of mischief. She is often snuggled under my chin with her head inside my t-shirt fast asleep. She says quite a few words, chuckles and plays peek at boo with me. I get kissing noises 1st thing in the morning and at bedtime. Harriet seems very happy being a part of my family and has even laid some eggs ! I love her so much and adopting her is definitely one of the best things I have ever done. Thankyou so much PP x By Mary Bayliss

Charlie and Carly
Bertie and Sky

Our amazon Charlie (24 yrs old) had always lived as part of a flock but after the passing of Billy & Worzel, we noticed he became subdued & stopped playing with his toys, even though being quieter was nice for our eardrums we knew it was not good for his long term happiness and wellbeing. We contacted PP & arranged for a homecheck; Dan then contacted us to say we had passed & to discuss which bird we would suit etc. We went & met Carly, a 3/4 year old Alexandrine & a week later adopted her. We were then asked if we could safehouse a budgie (he's the blue one on the right), he came in a small budgie cage with a mirror so off we went & got him a huge flight cage, he does come out as well, with lots of toys so he had a nicer home. When it came to him going onto the rehoming website we couldn't bare to see him go so we put in to adopt him. So we considered our flock complete Charlie was back to playing & being noisy at times so we were happy we had done the right thing for him. Then at Xmas the PP team had a well deserved break which meant no adoptions for that period, our offer to safehouse again was sent & we were contacted about Mango the Quaker & budgie Sky. Within a few days Sky was following Bertie around as though they had always been together, so lots of emails to Dan at PP later it was agreed to let the birds sort themselves out & monitor how they got on. We agreed there was no way we would be keeping them just helping out at this busy time especially as Mango was a little rebel, he would scream, dive-bomb our other birds & generally make his presence be known. However we also know some birds need lots of time to settle especially if they have been moved around a lot so we started to work with Mango more helping him to calm down so that he would shine on the rehoming page when the time came, he had developed a reputation for being noisy (obviously never heard an amazon scream!!) and this was going against him. So over the next few weeks the little fellow worked his way into our hearts with his funny little ways, creeping along the back of the settee pulling our hair and flying off; spending 20 minutes going along the java tree to get as close to Charlie as he can without being told to back off from Charlie is still great fun to monitor. An email to Dan asking if we could be considered to adopt them both was sent; how were we to separate Sky & Bertie; Mango was starting to bond even if we can't touch him our list of reasons went on. We are so pleased we chose to adopt; PP are a wonderful charity the team all give up so much of their time working tirelessly in the background to get birds in need into safehouses, moved to adoption homes, homechecks carried out, paperwork sent out, while holding down jobs and caring for their own families etc. Without PP our Charlie would still be lonely but through them we now have 4 more wonderful birds. Carly will step up but not be touched and talks non stop, Mango will not step up but gets more trusting of us everyday and is not screaming anymore (okay occasionally but he's a bird that's what they do sometimes), Bertie & Sky are happy to come out do their own thing and go back to their cage when they are ready. They never fail to make us smile everyday with all their different ways and antics. Would we recommend adoption over buying a bird, YES, would we recommend PP, YES and we do to anyone we meet, they work very hard to match the bird to the right home so the bird goes to its forever home. By Carol Vines.


Jimmie was our first PP bird, I remember being very nervous at the thought of the welfare officer coming to my house for the assessment, I envisioned being grilled about everything I knew or didn't know more to the point! This was far from what actually happened, I spoke to Hollie one of the directors quite a few times which wasn't easy as we lived in a very rural area with seriously rubbish reception but regardless we managed to converse, she was so lovely and really put my mind at ease as did the welfare officer who was coming to see me, this helped my nerves as they were so friendly and easy to talk to. I didn't get grilled, nothing like it, we sat down talked birds had tea and then went through the formalities which again was done in such an informal friendly way nothing like I expected, I learnt knew things and wasn't judged for anything I may not have been aware of it was completely about education and not focussing on what I didn't know or should have known. They even brought along their 2 birds, I really enjoyed meeting them and it wasn't long before I got the call to say we could adopt Jimmie. Its been eventful having Jimmie in our lives, her safe house believed Jim to be female so I have always referred to her as she although I think she is a boy, she came home to join the flock, she went into her new cage next to Caesar and spent the next day screaming! it turned out she didn't like being next door so we moved her to the other side of the room where she settled wonderfully, would come out of her cage and play on her tree and take herself back in when she was ready. She didn't like people and that was fine with us as long as she was happy. The welfare officers came back after a couple of weeks to see how she had settled and she bit one of them and then me when I had to get her off him! I cried it was the most painful bite I had yet encountered but little did I know as in my future she was to bite through my lip, that one hurt! it was funny because as soon as we brought Jim home although she didn't like being next to Caesar my gut feeling was that they would be friends I don't know why but I just knew it was strange. Jim continued to be happy coming and going as she pleased at the time I knew nothing about target training and if I needed to move Jim I would use a welding glove and to this day still have to because even though she is target trained now once out of the cage I am fair game, she isn't interested in the stick just my flesh and the welding glove works for us. Jim's flying was very poor it was evident she had been cage bound and she crashed landed anytime she took off and took some bad knocks. I spoke to the welfare officer about this cause she was always there at the end of the phone for support, wing clipping was discussed and It was suggested this might be the best thing to do, this was the only time in the whole process I felt disheartened as I feel very strongly about birds NOT being clipped but appreciated it was just their view and sadly people do clip but this was something I am never prepared to do to them. Well I am pleased to say with time Jim improved with her flying, her and Caesar began spending time together. getting closer and closer which is what did it really, Jim would want to go wherever Caesar was and this is what helped her flight, she soon got the hang of it and flies beautifully. She ended up bonding so closely with Caesar they ended up living together and have done for the last 2 yrs so my gut feeling about them turned out to be spot on. I just love this as Jim is not human orientated the fact that she shares her life so closely with another bird is just wonderful, she has given me and my partner some of the most painful bites, she has put holes in our walls, killed some furniture, she is a chewing machine and since bonding with Caesar we now get flying attacks to but I wouldn't change a thing. She can do no wrong in my eyes, I love her and she has a good life. I am so proud of Jim and because of Jim we have been able to adopt more birds and get more involved with PP which has been great, there are so many wonderful birds out there that need a good home so get adopting people! PP are always there with support and guidance its such a wonderful process to be part of and so rewarding to rehome. By Louise Turner



I adopted whiskey this year and i love the little monster. he's a cheeky little boy who my hubby recons should be called Bart ( Simpson ). He's always on the go flying around and killing his toys. whenever I walk into the room he's always says gis a kiss and makes a big kissing sound. He loves sitting on our heads and swinging from the lamp shade By Maria Berry.

Wolf and Whistle

Last yr wen these 2 joined our family they were a bonded pair n certainly didn't seem bothered by us or the children. I didn't think they wud ever accept a little tickle. Months on they have settled in well, take food from our hands (no tickles yet but it will happen!!) and r the most entertaining and curious birds we've ever had! Oh... they even seem a tiny bit quieter these days- or maybe that's cos Solo and Harry are just louder!! Wolf & Whistle r hoping to have an aviary this summer so they can entertain the neighbourhood! Thanks Problem Parrots for introducing them to our family. By Kim Hammond


Frankie didn't have the best start in life, when she came to Problem Parrots as a 3 month old chick she had leg deformities due to poor nutrition and untreated fractures. There was initially uncertainty as to whether she could have a good quality of life. But Frankie is a determined little conure and despite her wonky legs she just got on with life. We loved Frankie as soon as we met her and adopted her in August last year. Her cage is specially adapted to help her live a fairly normal birdie life. In November our wonderful avian vet operated on Frankie's worst leg as it was completely useless to her. He broke and reset it to a better position which would hopefully allow her to use it. A tough few weeks followed as we waited for the leg to heal whilst dealing with a little bird who hated having a splint on! But just before Christmas the splint came off and she had a leg that she could begin to use. She could finally scratch her own head! Over the past couple of months she has become stronger and more confident as well as increasingly cheeky and playful. She eats her Harrisons and veggies and loves cuddles and walnuts! This little one is an inspiration and we love her to bits, we are so happy that we were able to give her a loving forever home. By Claire Gable.


Here's our Doris our adopted grey from Problem Parrots. Doris is definitely my husband's bird but does come to me for cuddles when he's not around haha, she has really settled into our flock now and has bonded with my BOB (another grey) she really does have a cheeky character and we want to thank PP for letting Doris be apart of our flock of 8 birds X By Rebecca Hartill-Speak


Del will be six this year and we have only had him since the middle of February. He is a joy to live with. I understand he was originally owned by an elderly person who died and that is when he started plucking. The nephew took him on but couldn't cope with him so sold him to a lady who loved him dearly but after a year she moved in with her partner in a flat and didn't have room for him and the neighbours complained about the noise he made. It was at this point he came to Problem Parrots. He has settled in very well but continues to pluck which is understandable as it's early days and he has had a lot of upheaval with moving and integrating with my two Amazons. He has had his diet completely changed and Kearney to enjoy his regular showers rather than shrinking into his skin. He is now stepping up but this is possibly as it's a way of getting at my nails which he lives to try and remove!! By caroline Hoddinott.

Bernard and Moomin

Dylan and Bernard's adoption story. March 2016, the servant bought a little evil but very cute black capped conure called moomin, from a pet shop, she took her home and wanted to learn how to give her the best care ever so a dear friend of the Servant's said join problem parrots, ask questions and get yourself educated. The servant had already done lots of reading prior to getting Moomin, but wanted to be sure. Upon joining PP, the Servant's eyes were really opened, she knew owning a parrot was a full time, life time commitment, it could be expensive, cause you tears, make you laugh, bring you joy, amaze you, new clothes suddenly had new holes lol, but she wasn't aware that so many parrots through no fault of their own needed homes. So the servant batted her eyelashes at the boss and asked if they could have a home check with the view to adopting another bird. 'One!' He said. They lived in an obscure place called Norwich lol, so had to wait a while but it was worth it, a lovely couple called Carl and Sharon came to see them. They asked a lot of questions but in a relaxed manner, they met Moomin, talked about their birds and were just lovely, their biggest focus was, besides making sure a bird was going to be safe and looked after, was education, if you don't know, ask or find out. The servant got a call, they were successful whoop!! They then asked if they could adopt a blue headed pionus, things looked great, but a more suitable home was found. The servant was disappointed but it's about the bird mainly and that's what matter. So they waited. Meanwhile the servant watched on Facebook in the PP group, there was a beautiful amazon called Dylan, ME!! the servant didn't think she'd get to adopt me, she just like to see me, and I was amazing, still am. One day Dan phoned her and asked her if she'd like to adopt me, I believe Dan is still deaf from the loud yes she shrieked down his ear lol. A few long nail biting weeks later, after a lot of driving from a lot of beautiful kind hearted people, I arrived at my new home. And I have ruled the roost since lol. I help with the chores, I help at nap time, bedtime, tv time, shower time, all the time. Even when the servant is getting dressed lol. My favourite things to do is chuck everything off her dresser, bath when she is hoovering, poo on clean washing, and demand cuddles at nap time. Once I had settled in and an appropriate length of time had passed, the servant saw that Bernard an gorgeous but hand shy and sometimes bossy green cheek conure was still waiting for a home, he was and is so beautiful but hand shy, the servant spoke to Dan and said can we adopt him? (Oh since Dylan, we are now a safe house and welfare officers so the 1 bird rule doesn't exist lol), Dan said yes. And the boss went and picked him up, he's funny and cheeky, he is one of a pair of T. rex chickens, loves hair dressings, makes gorgeous tweety noises, says kiss, hello and good boy, loves his food, taking it out of my hand now. Never far from Moomin. Either sits on our shoulders or heads. And like all conures is mega mischievous. I have nothing against buying birds at all. It's all about personal choice. For me, adopting is the way forward, an adopted bird is not a pet (no bird ever is really), they are a gift, a life long companion, and for me as someone still learning both my adopted birdies continue to surprise me and bring me joy every day as does Moomin. By Lizze Hickey.

George and Mildred

we finally got to adopt George and Mildred and ended up with a bonus edition Polly as she was lonesome we were asked if we would take her with the 2 and of course we would. I fell in love with George and Mildred as soon as I saw them on the rehoming page but didn't even consider adopting them as they were all the way up in Scotland, it was due to a post on here where I commented I would love them but they were too far that someone replied we can try and get them to you and that's where their epic journey began! I couldn't believe the PP team would be so helpful in getting the budgies as close to us as they did, their safe house drove them from Scotland to Preston and then Shell picked them up and drove them to Cannock where we collected them and brought them home to Wales! I was worried about all the travelling and moving homes they would be doing but was put at ease and Dan was great the whole time, always there when you need him to talk to and very supportive, the whole team were fantastic from start to finish so a big thankyou for going to all the effort for us we are privileged and so grateful you did we love them dearly. They have settled in their new cage and haven't been phased by having Polly in with them, Mildred is disabled and loving her flat perch they are very happy budgies I would say :) By Louise Turner,


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