Eatonville Proposal by leon oRANGE

Hello it was great meeting with you. I am excited to work with you all. Like the Mayor said we have a chance to change the course of History in Eatonville and I greatly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be apart of it all.

Below is a breakdown of the notes that I took that are needed and what it will take for me to get it done for you.

Website Design

You currently have a 51 page website that is in need of a rephase. You would also like for a new website to be created to commemorate the rich history of Eatonville. You would like for it to be fully functional and able to be operational across all devices like the ones shown above.

Website Manager

In the meeting we spoke about keeping the website up to date, the time frame in which changes can be up to date, images and video being uploaded as well as monthly newsletter functionality.

Social Media Strategist

It won't be the website, it won't be the monthly newsletters. It will be the Social Media presence of Eatonville that will let the people know that the city is for lack of a better word "poppin"! From posting pictures of community events, ribbon cuttings, and even our own original content. Social Media will be the driving force behind branding the city of Eatonville.


Implementing a blog into the website, monthly newsletters and creating engaging posts on Social Media will be all apart of writing. For blogs I would like to solicit contributing writers to write about things that are happening in the town of Eatonville to gain a different perspective and to get more young people involved.


One of the most common questions people ask is "Where can I find the pictures"? That will no longer be a problem for us. Wherever the Mayor goes and he needs his own media team. I will be there! When we are hosting events and need images taken and quickly posted on the Website and Social Media channels. I will be there!


I would like to film and edit original content to be showcased under a media tab on our website that showcases activity in the community whether its food, the arts, and the events happening in the city .


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