Sarah´s key Stevie Leutzinger

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

  1. Tatiana de Rosnay wrote the books, Sarah's key, a secret kept, the other story, the house I loved, and many more.
  2. Born September 28, 1961 in the suburbs of Paris.
  3. French journalist, writer, and screenwriter.
  4. She is of russian, french, and english descent.
  5. She has sold over three million copies of the book sarah's key in french, and two million in english.
  6. She has over 12 novels in french, and 3 in english.
  7. Went to school at the university of East Anglia.
  8. Married to Nicolas Jolly.
  9. She moved to England in the early 1980's, and returned in 1984.
  10. One of the top ranked authors.
  11. Her father is french of russian origin.
  12. She published a biography of her favorite writer Daphne de maurier.
  13. Her favorite theme of books is family secrets and memory walls.
  14. She obtains a bachelor's degree in english literature.
  15. She is married and has 2 kids.
  16. She was raised in paris then in boston.
  17. She is winner of the biography prize for Biography Hossegor 2015.
  18. Worked as a journalist in paris for vanity fair.
  19. Describes herself as "franglaise".
  20. She published 12 books which she names Sarah.
  21. Most read french novelist.
  22. Lives in france with her parents.
  23. She sold 9 million copies which were put on screen.
  24. Most popular in the netherlands and USA.
  25. Her father was a scientist, and grandfather was a artist.

Connection builder May 3

Sarah remind me of a mother in the real world. She has to lock her brother up and made it her responsibility to find him before he dies. In the real world sibling have to take over responsibilities because their parents are out of the picture. Sarah had to make the decision to put Michael in the cupboard because her mother was too scared to make any decisions. People with no parent have to take the responsibilities and make sure that their siblings survive and thrive.

Character captain May 2

Literacy Luminary April 28

discussion director April 25

  • The french police were told to take all of the jews and send them on buses to del´d hiv.
  • They had to shoot people who disobeyed them.
  • They separated families and took mothers away from their children.
  • The french police took orders from the nazis.
  • They didn't give the families food or water until people starred dying.

Sarah was french so she didn't know why she was being taken even though she was jewish. The people that were taken didn't understand why because they were french and didn't do anything wrong. There were 340,000 jews in france at the time, more than 75,000 were taken to death camps and 72,500 were killed, so the people taken were terrified. The french that were taken felt betrayed because it was the french police that took them to their death. Although they didn't know were they were going and what was happening they had heard rumors weeks before that scared them more. People started committing suicide because they were so scared of what would happen if they didn't. The french helped some of the prisoners like Sarah escape.

exemplary evaluating April 25

The Nazis make it seem like she is a treat to the community because she is jewish. Sarah is targeted because of her religion. The nazis take advantage of helpless people they have too much power.

connection builder april 24

If I was in Sarah's position I would do the same thing that sarah did. Although I probably wouldn't end my life like Sarah did, I would handle the whole situation with her brother the same way. Sarah is very independent, she does a lot of things by herself as do I. Sarah is a quick thinker she had choose to put her brother in the cupboard and come up with a plan on how she will get him out. I think that I am a quick thinker I would probably think to put my brother in the cupboard if I was 10 at the time.

Character captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

April 18 Discussion Director

Sarah Starzynski is incredibly brave in the historical fiction novel Sarah's key by Tatiana De Rosnay. Sarah's only goal is to get to her brother that she left in cupboard back at her old house in France. She had to got taken away from her family, put in a camp and was put with the blame of possibly killing her little brother by her father and mother. Sarah had to take the brave chance of getting caught by the soldiers while she escaped from the camp that she was put in. Then she had to trust the family that put themselves in danger by hiding and helping her get to her brother without being caught by the french police.

"If she had made it all the way here, that meant there was still hope for her." Sarah is very independent. She had to make the fast decision to put her brother in the cupboard or not. Sarah also had to find her way to the closest village from the camp that she was in. She also was very distant as an adult, quiet, and mysterious, which made her more independent .

Sarah is also hardworking. Jules said in the story that she worked very hard in the fields at home. I think she worked her hardest because of the pain that she had to go through as a child.

I choose this theme because both sarah and Julie left there family behind, although sarah was trying to keep her brother safe from the french police it ended up as a tragedy, he brother died in the cupboard that she left her in. Julie left her family in france to go to the united states to find more information about Sarah, even though she did come back she was gone for a while.

Connection builder April 13

Sarah hide her brother in the cupboard while Annett hid jews in her house. Sarah had to escape the concentration camp, and Annett had to help the jewish family she was hiding escape to sweden. Sarah and Annett were very alike, they were both smart and independent, and they both were very brave. Julia had to track down information about Sarah, and Annett had to track down the baker, the librarian, and the farmer. Sarah was also very young when the holocaust happened as was Annett.

Bio poem April 12

  • Sarah starzynski
  • Smart, caring, independent, strong(passionate)
  • Older sister of michel, Daughter of Wladyslaw and Rywka Starzynski
  • Sarah enjoys playing with her brother and playing hide and go seek.
  • Sarah feels that it is her fault for locking her brother in the cupboard not know that they would not be back in time to retrieve him.
  • She needs to get back to the cupboard to save her brother before her brother runs out of air, food, and water and soon dies.
  • She gives up her life, she commits suicide.
  • She fears that she will never be able to forget what she did to her little brother.
  • She would like to see france back in peace.
  • Lives in france.

Literary luminary April 10

  • ¨There were tears running down his face, silent tears of helplessness and shame that she could not understand.¨--- I think that he is crying because he feels embarrassed and disappointed in himself that he cannot do anything to help his family.
  • ¨But you cannot do this, they are honest good people¨---They´re confused at why they would take people that are innocent .
  • ¨Even the music teacher remained silent¨---They did not want to speak out and be taken too, they were shocked that she was silent though.
  • ¨the man seized her by the arms, shook her roughly.¨---They did not want her to cause attention, and they wanted her to be quiet.
  • ¨The girl slipped her hand into her fathers hand.¨---she feels comfortable when shes with her father.

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