Medieval Japan The 3 CUSTOMS

Apreciation of Nature, Art, and Beauty

One thing that was seen as ¨beautiful¨ Was filling in your eyebrows with black paint and powdering your face with white powder.

Beauty, Nature and Art were big parts of Japans golden Age. Their culture flourished since they took Art like sculptures and paintings seriously. Music and writing Poetry or (Haiku's). Writing was a big part of daily life. Nature was appreciated because of the religion Buddhism. They worshiped nature spirits such as the nature spirit Kami which represented pretty much all of nature. Like said above Beauty was really important to. Girls would stay in a home and train to become geishas. They were expected to act, talk and dance properly. Geishas also had to teach themselves how to powder their faces correctly and how to fill in their eyebrows just enough.

Here is a Buddhist temple that is literally hanging off of a cliff!

This helped them develop culture to share with other people. During the time that these costumes were happening Japan was going through a golden age. Learning to appreciate things like art and nature can really help because it can help you learn to cooperate with nature. Samurai took art such as poetry seriously. It helped well with humbleness and it was just fun to do. The beauty standards helped women act modest and confident. They learned how to do many things on their journey of becoming a geisha. All these costumes did a great deal to Japan. Japan would be so much different with out these appreciations for such beautiful things. They have a wonderful culture to pass down to many things.

Fuedalism in Medieval Japan

This is an example of what Medieval Japans Feudal System was like.

Japan's Feudal system had a lot of ranks. Each rank helped each other and was significant to each other. The were from top to bottom. The top being the emperor then went the Shogun and Daimyo. Next was Samauri warriors and then last but not least, the peasants. There were many more ranks below these but these were the most important. One of the ranks below peasants were merchants as seen above on the photo.

These are some of the uniforms that were worn to protect Samauri in battle.

Each person did different things for each other. Daimyos pretty much ruled for the emperor. Shoguns provided land and wealth for samurai. The samurai protected Daimyos, Shoguns, and Peasants. Peasants provided food for all of the people above. The peasants were awarded little land and kept some of the leftover food they produced. Japan would be very different without this social structure. Each person knew their place and that kept society pretty peaceful. Society would be really chaotic without these.

Japan Geography

A map showing the geographical features of Japan.

Medical Japan was pretty isolated. The Japanese were afraid of interacting with other cultures because of their their geographical challenges. Then some time later the Prince..Prince Shotoko created cultural diffusion. He wanted to see other cultures and what they do. Japan got many new ideas when they interacted with people from China and Korea.

This picture shows how many geographical struggles Japan has had.

Japan had isolation because they are an island surrounded by water. This helped Japan make new allies and expand their culture even more. Without this Japans culture might not have inflicted as many people as it influences today. Anime and Manga and Japanese food are a big part of Americas culture. Their choice to interact helped a lot!

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