Liberty By Jordan Page


2011 | Folk

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“Where will you be when the order is given? -- To censor your mind as free speech is forbidden. -- As martyrs for peace from the world will be driven away by the sound of a bellowing thunder.”


  • He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government.
  • As a political activist, Page has championed many freedom causes ranging from anti-war initiatives to gun rights to medical cannabis freedom to Bitcoin.
  • Jordan first arrived on the national scene through the Ron Paul movement and shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 20 times as his opener during his presidential campaigns in 08 and 12.
  • Check out the acoustic versions Official Video:


Luke Tatum

This one really takes me back. The only time I've seen Jordan Page live was back at the We Are the Future Rally in Tampa, Florida, in 2012. Three buddies and I took my car from Dallas to Tampa and back, as one of them made it to the Republican Convention as a delegate for Ron Paul. While the delegate friend was being bussed to the actual convention, intimidated by the Secret Service agent hunkered down at the front of the bus who was warily eyeing the Texas delegation with an automatic rifle, the other three of us went to the Ron Paul event. Many great heroes of liberty were there, and the energy is something I've not seen before or since. So many people, flooding in from all over the United States (some even from outside the US) to see and support the one rallying figure we all had. Fun story: While all the other state delegations were housed in resorts or hotels close to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, a good number of people in Texas resented the last-minute rule changes made to keep Ron Paul out, and were fairly vocal about it. The Texas delegation was sent to a weird, swampy resort many miles from the city, infested by crocodiles. When we were greeted and given our welcome packets from the RNC, the very first page proudly annouced how proud we all were of our nominee, Mitt Romney...a full day before the convention to determine who our nominee was. So, I'll end this story with a question from the song, since I didn't really write about it: "When is the right time to stand up for freedom?"

Sherry Voluntary

What can one man do alone? This is the question asked by our old friend Jordan Page. I think of the man who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square, August Landmesser, alone in the crowd, not saluting the Nazis, Lt. Ehren Watada refusing to be deployed to Iraq, Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat for a white passenger, Roxana Saberi, the journalist who was charged in Iran with espionage and after initially falsely confessing, recanted saying, “I would rather tell the truth and stay in prison instead of telling lies to be free.” All of these examples are of people who stood alone and even when they did not necessarily have the outcome they desired, they stand as examples for the rest of us encouraging us to continue to stand for our principles and not give in to the oppressors. Reminding us that we don't always win, but our commitment to principles of freedom serve to inspire others. One man can inspire fortitude and resistance in many.

Nicky P

Is this an old celtic ballad about the homeland? The song represents the very broad concept of liberty in an emotional sense. It calls a lot of imagery to mind and paints a picture of hope. It follows the journey of a traveller in a place that makes no sense. The traveller keeps trying to show people that there's a better way and they not only ignore him, they treat him as a heretic. I know we all know that fealing far too well.. We spend insane amounts of time educating ourselves and learning things that were forgotten hundreds of years ago, all to be asked silly questions like who will build the roads as we lay out historical precedent and sound moral arguments. I think we're quite capable of figuring roads out, even if we're not are roads really worth the piles of dead brown people, or our incarcerated brothers? I honestly think sometimes I might as well be speaking another language when I talk about this stuff. Maybe that's the problem, should I learn a different language and see?

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Nicky P

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