App Journal Michelle baker

Lesson 1 - Apps

Now a days there are many apps that help us to do many more stuff such as, communicate, publish opinions, watch movies, etc.

Instagram: This app allows users to publish, like and comment on people's photos. It also includes a chat section in which you can communicate with your friends or people whom you follow and follow you back. It recently created a new feature in which you can publish a photo or a small video for only 24 hours, then it eliminates. You can also have your own profile, where all of the pictures you have ever posted appear, and people can see it.

WhatsApp: This app allows you to communicate with other friends via text message. This can be possible if you have someone's number. It displays a profile picture so people can identify you. It also allows you to click on camera button when you open a person's chat so you can call them through a video. This app only works if you have internet access.

Snapchat: Snapchat is an app that consists of people uploading videos that stay posted for 24 hours and then they eliminate. If you have a person's name on snapchat, you can add them and you can send them videos personally to them, but this videos can only be seen once. On the other hand, if you upload the video or picture to "My Story" it lasts only 24 hours. It has a recent feature that allows you to use a filter when taking a video/picture.

Twitter: This app is popular because it has a platform in which you can post videos, pictures, or just text and people are allowed to "retweet it" or "like it". If you retweet a post, it will be reposted on your profile but with the original name of the person who posted it. You also have you own profile in which people can see the things you have liked, posted or retweeted.

Netflix: This app is different than all of the above because it allows the users watch movies, series or documentals at any time, as long as you have internet access. This app is only for those who pay it, if you pay you have the liberty to watch any of the programs that are available within Netflix. It also saves the time in which you stayed while watching a program and waits until you watch it again so you don't have to look for the minute you stayed in.

Lesson 2 - Brainstorm

There are many apps that we all wish could exists. Here is a list of the ones I would like to have.

- An app that can locate a person when you just can't reach them. This is as long as the person previously authorizes you to locate them at any time.

- An app that lets you know what your dog or cat is saying or what it wants when you just can't figure it out.

- An app that lets you arrange an outfit with the clothes that you have so you don't have to worry about thinking what to wear.

Lesson 3 - Audiences

The audience to whom our apps are made for are very important, because of the content that will be included.

The first app, which is made for finding people, is made for those who are usually worried for the ones they care for. The public could be parents and children.

Our second app is for those pet lovers who love their pets and get stressed when they don't know what it wants. This can be for dog, cats, or any animal owner.

The third app, which helps people to find a nice outfit without going through the struggle and stress of not liking an outfit, is destined for those who love to wear a nice outfit and also for those who hate going through the struggle of wasting time on deciding what to wear. Specially for girls and parents.

Lesson 4 - UI

The easiest app to use from all of the 5 above is "Netflix". Netflix is simple and clearly shows everything you need. If you want to look for a specific title, you have the search bar on the top right corner. All of the titles are shown on the home page and lets you easily decide which one to wear by clicking on them. If you want to pause it, you just click on the spacebar or click on the pause sign.

The second easiest app is "WhatsApp". It shows you all of the conversations you've had and lets you begin one by clicking on it again. If you want to start a new conversation you just go to the search bar on the top of the app and look for the name of the person.

Twitter is the third easiest app. On the home page you can see all of the stuff that people publish and lets you retweet it or like it. If you want to look for someone you just go to the search bar on the top right corner and look for the persons name. If you want to go to your profile you click not he bottom right corner. If you want to tweet something you look for the note sign on the top right corner.

"Instagram" is easier than snapchat but harder to use than twitter. If you want to post a picture, you click on the camera sign on the bottom. If you want to look for someone, you click on the search sign. If you want to go to your profile you click on the bottom right corner. To like someone's picture you can click on someone's picture twice or just click on the heart symbol.

And the last app, and the hardest one to use is "Snapchat". The first platform lets you take pictures by clicking on the bottom circle or take videos by clicking on the circle and not lifting the finger. To add filters you click on your face and wait for the filters to appear. If you swipe to the right, you can see all of the stories that your friends have uploaded. If you swipe to the left you can see all of the snaps that your friends have sent you privately.

Lesson 5 - Questions (and reflect questions)

What problem or purpose does each of them address? This app's main purpose is to avoid people from having to take the time and stress of choosing the perfect outfit for the day.

Can the problem or purpose really be solved with an app? I really believe an app would facilitate this problem because if the struggle is not knowing what to wear, then this app gives you the answer right away.

Will your app be disruptive? I don't believe my app is something that would change the world or anything big, but it is a really important deal for those who don'r know what to wear in the mornings and waste a lot of time on it. I think as a consequence, probably it could help people to avoid arriving late to places, in other words, it could make people be on time wherever they have to be.

What can your app do better ​than any other app? This app can chose the perfect outfit for the day, and it makes sure it is a pretty outfit according to the person's likes, it saves time and it avoids stress.

What do you want to get out of learning how to code? With the knowledge that I get from learning how to code, I would like to learn how to create my own app, learn to identify typing errors quicker, learn to understand the codes that sometimes appear on screen when opening an app or a program.

Of those things, which could you do within a playground? Within playground I could use the ability to identify errors quicker to correct a mistake in playground while making a code. Another thing that would help me is the understanding of codes, this way I could read quicker and with more facility the codes that are written.

Which would be more appropriate as a full app? I think the most appropriate app would be the last one, the one that helps you to arrange an outfit without going through the stress and time consuming problem of chasing what to wear.

Lesson 6 - Ideas seeking solutions

My app will help people who don't like to struggle in the mornings so that they can choose a good and nice outfit in no time because many times people arrive late to some places or begin the day with a little stress and this app can eliminate that. (App name: My outfit)

Lesson 7 - Feature Smashing

The special feature that "My Outfit" will have, is using the likes people in order to arrange a good outfit. Many apps can put an outfit together, but not all of them will be able to know the user's likes. It will also choose an outfit that is adequate according to the type of body of each user.

Boogie Bot link:

Lesson 8 - Idea Storm

Feature ideas for my app:

This app can have many different features to attract people, such as: "cookies" on the websites they use to identify what types of clothing they like. It will also give outfits according to the user's body type. This app will also arrange outfits with the clothes that you already have.

Lesson 9 - Research

Like my app, there are many others that also seek for a similar idea as mine, such as:

Closet: This app is very easy to use and understand, but, it doesn't allow you to interact socially, like adding friends and check what they have and what their likes are, etc.

Walk in my closet: This app allows you to arrange your outfits, find clothes that you are looking for (like whereto buy them), but it only allows you to access all of this features if you log into the website; there should be an app for it.

Stylitics: This app allows users to arrange their closets by category. For example it could be arranged by color, by texture, by size, etc. But it should include more features such as combining clothes, giving a tool that helps you find a certain clothing, etc.

Lesson 10 - Designer Apps

Combinations: The main feature this app must have is the perfect and nice combination of an outfit that will be used by the user. It needs to know how to combine colors and styles depending on the user's likes.

Variation: This app also needs to know that an outfit cannot be repeated too quickly or too often, and it also needs to know how to come up with new combinations. The variation in colors is also very important.

Quickness: A very important aspect of this app is the quick way in which it comes up with an outfit, after all, saving time is the main reason why this app is desired.

Lesson 11 - Get right into action

Find an app that has an appealing icon. What makes it appealing?: An appealing icon has to include nice colors that call people's attention. If a graphic or a picture is included, then it has to be pretty and well designed; an ugly and dirty icon will not catch people's attention.

What will most users want to do with your app?: They will want to ask for a nice outfit for the day.

How many taps does it take to get to the main part of your app?: If it is the first time that the users has used this app, then registration will be needed, and the number of taps will be several. But if the user is now new in this app, then the main part will come right away.

Lesson 12 - Prototype

What is the first screen (view) that the user sees?: The first screen will be the logo of the app while all of the graphs load, and then it will lead directly to the selection of outfits for the day.

Which buttons are visible? Then what happens?: The visible buttons are: the button to create a a new outfit, the home button (in this place you can select the temperature, if it will be day or night, and the type of outfit you want), and finally a select button. After you select the outfit, it will be noted to the ap so that it doesn't repeat during the whole week or for the time the user has chosen.

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