Will pizza help us Exercise? By: Grace Mannion, Mackenzie Tobin, Supawadee Surattanont

Are our pizza sales affecting our gym memberships?

X-Dominos's revenue: The income made from Domino's is represented by x because it causes Gym memberships to vary relying on pizza sales. -------------------------------------------------- Y-Gym membership: The Gym Membership count is repersented by y because it increases or decreases due to pizza sales.
The table above is organized by year and compares the amount of gym memberships to the amount of profit made from Domino's Pizza. The table also displays that when an incresae in Domino's Pizza sales occurs, that gym memberships are also increased. While we collected the data we determined that Domino's Revenue would represent X while the amount of gym memberships would repersent Y.
Scatter Plot

!Lets Analyze our data!

The scatter plot above graphs the relationships between Domino's pizza revenue and gym membership's yearly. If you analyze the data, the graph shows that as Domino's pizza income rises, so does gym membership. Even when the Domino's pizza sales decreases, gym membership tumble to.

!Lets break it down!

The picture above shows how we were able to come up with an equation. To do this we first took two points where the line made contact and used a formula to find the slope. The formula was Y2 - Y1/X2 - X1. The variables in this formula were represented with the coordinates (X,Y) that both made contact with the trend line. In this case Y2 was represented by 42,700,000, Y1 was represented by 46,700,000, X2 was represented by 1,440,000,000, and finally X1 was represented by 1,460,000,000. After we solved the equation, we were able to find the slope, 1/5, with the following numbers. We them put them into point slope form, Y-Y1=M(X-X1). Because we already know the values of Y1, Y2, and slope, all we had to do was plug the numbers into point slope form. Once we did the formula look like this, Y-46,700,000= 1/5(X- 1,460,000,000). With this formula we were able to simply the equation and the result looked like this Y= 1/5X + 1,431,460,000.

What willl happen in the future?

In the future we predict that if Domino's pizza sales eventually reah up to 5,000,000,000 in a year that the gym mebership count for the same year willl be 2,431,460,000. In order to create this equation you will need to find the slope of the scatter plot (1/5) and then substitute X, Domino's pizza sales, for any number you want. In this case, you want to pick a number that has not already been graphed so you can figure out the gym mebership for the same year. Once we picked the number of pizza sales that Domino's might reach in the future we added the Y-intercept, 1,431,460,000. The equation would look like the one above. After setting up the equation you will want to solve for Y, the gym mebership count.

!Do You want to try!

If you want to replicate this experiment with different data, this is how you do it. Fist you want to find data that relates and has a correlation. For example, the amount of winter jackets sold in an area and the monthly temperature. Once you have decided the topic of your project, you will want to find data and information about what tempature it is and how many winter coats are sold. Once you have sorted through data you will want to organize the sales and tempature by month on a table to create coordinates. You then will graph the coordinates on a scatter plot making sure that when you create a trend line, it goes through at least two points. After finding two points where the line makes contact, you will want to create an equation.

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