7 nutrients found in dairy products are protein,vitamin A,Vitamin B,calcium,phosphorus,and magnesium.

Pasteurization is when heat-treated to kill enzymes and any harmful bacteria.

The process of homogenization is when it breaks down fat and distributes it in the milk evenly

Whole Milk:highest amount of fat,must have 3.25% of fat or more

Reduced-Fat Milk:contains 2% of fat

Low-fat Milk:contains 1 or 2% of fat

Skim Milk:1 or 2% of fat

Fresh Cheese:cottage cheese,farmers cheese,cream cheese

Ripened Cheese:firm,blue-vined,soft

Scorching is when the mild solids and settles on the side.

curdling is when u add milk to hot foods.

When cheese is over cooked it becomes tough and rubbery.

It takes 21 pounds of whole milk to make 1 pound of butter

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