The Manhattan Project By Ruth Orduno

what is the atomic bomb?

It is a bomb that obtains its destructive power from the quick liberation of nuclear energy by fission of heavy atomic nuclei, causing catastrophic damage through heat, blast and radioactivity.

the two bombs US launched

"Little Boy" first atomic bomb used. Was a gun-type device. Detonated over Hiroshima. Killed 90,000 to 146,000 people in Hiroshima.
"Fat Man" second atomic bomb used. Detonated over Nagasaki. Killed 39,000-80,000 in Nagaski

The Reasons for dropping the bombs

#1: The bomb will saved many american lives. #2: Japanese wouldn't surrender #3: It will shorten the war. #4: "It would have been hard to justify to the American public why he prolonged the war when this weapon was available."

The After-math of The Atomic bomb

The cities were destroyed. The extreme heat of thermal radiation burns everything in its path, including animals, trees, buildings and people.
The people who survived had serious health problems. The nuclear radiation penetrates the body and many of those who didn’t die from radiation or burns, later developed cancers from the radiation.

the memorial

Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome)

It was located almost directly underneath the explosion, it somehow avoided complete destruction and the remains of the building still stand today. The residents of Hiroshima decided to keep this tragic reminder to gain a deeper understanding of the suffering caused by war and nuclear weapons and the true value of peace.

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