Mao's Last Dancer Autobiography By: Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin was born in a small town in the country of China called Qingdao, a very poverty stricken place where most people know everyone. There was always barley enough to eat and had very confined spaces. Li Cunxin grew up with his six brothers and his mom, who is called naing a sweet, loving and affectionate lady, and his dad, who is called dia and hard working, brave, and kind man. Li was the second to youngest child in a family of eight and grew up in a small home, filled with love, where he shared a bed with his little brother and his mom and dad. His siblings and him played with whatever they could find and went on many adventures. He had several near death experiences before the age of ten, like almost drowning in a river and getting shot at by guards when he tried to steal coal from the old abandoned railroad station. Li's rough childhood caused him to greatly appreciate everything that came his way.

Qingdao, China

Li Cunxin's main accomplishments are not letting his rough childhood block him from blossoming and building a wonderful life for himself. For sure getting an amazing opportunity to dance for China but also the chance to help his family back home by giving them money whenever he can. Working harder than any of the other students to become the best ballet dancer he can be. Taking advantage of an amazing opportunity and never giving up even in the darkest of times. Proving to not only the world that how much money you grow up with does not mean you can not still go after your dreams but proving to himself aswell. Building a beautiful and healthy marriage and family. These are all Li Cunxin's greatest accomplishments.

Li Cunxin Rehearsing with Ballet Teacher

Li grew up in a very poverty part of China where there was barely enough to eat and very cramped spaces to sleep. Lucky he was able to get away from that life but that does not happen with out consequences. Like the fact that this family is still living there under the harsh conditions. Even though life is better now than it was when they were growing up, life still is not great for them. It can not be easy to wake up every morning knowing that your family is struggling over in China. Li Cunxin visits them often and pays for their flights to visit him. Him and his wife give them money whenever they can to ty to ease the suffering.

Li and his Wife and Children

Li Cunxin had a huge impact on anyone who meets him or gets the chance to learn his story. Many who lived in Dallas, Texas knew him and his story, the young boy who went from "rays to riches, his story is a true-life fairy tale about a boy with a dream--and the resolve to see it through". Li touched everyone who met him's heart from his wonderful dance teacher in China to the Academy director in Dallas, Texas. By not only becoming friends and mentors for Li, but also by inspiring him to make them proud and more importantly to make himself proud. These many mentors watched him go from a scared little Chinese boy with potential to be great to a courageous man who is great. Li got this with the will and strength to go miles with his career, which readers all around the world see when read his phenomenal and incredibly inspiring autobiography.

Teaching Young Ballet Dancers

I would absolutely recommend this book to others, Mao's Last Dancer is incredibly motivation. It makes you want to get up and go do something while capturing you in the book and making you keep reading. Li really captures what is was like to grow up with near to nothing it was very eye opening into the poverty in communist China during Mao ZeDong's reign. The struggle of the Chinese people not only those in poverty but those who did not realize how awful of a ruler Mao ZeDong was.

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