Patriot Press November 6, 2020

Harris Elementary School

National Blue Ribbon School 2020 - Harris Elementary School

Fall Book Fair

Book Fair continues onsite through November 13 and online through November 11. Harris earns 50% of the profits from in person sales and 25% from online sales. Our library funds itself, so all the proceeds go back to supporting the amazing Harris library. This week, most of our students took their ipads to the library and took a picture of the book/s they hope to purchase. Check in with your child; I am sure they would love to show you what they are excited to read. There are three easy ways to buy books:

  1. Bring/Send in Money - Students can bring in money to shop the book fair onsite. We recommend you put the money in a sealed envelope and alert your teacher that they would like to purchase something.
  2. Online - If you prefer the online option, it is easy to set up an account and book purchases over $25 ship free!
  3. EWallet - You can upload money into a digital account for your student. You can even share the code with family and friends who might want to contribute to their virtual spending fund. You can learn more about this option, by clicking here:

McKinney-Vento Survey

Greenfield-Central is required under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act 42 U.S.C. 114735 to regularly gather information that can help determine students who may need assistance. All G-C families are requested to complete the short survey found at the link below regardless of residency status. The information provided in this survey will only be used to determine students who may need assistance based on their current housing status. See information at the end of the survey for a description of the rights of homeless students.

We appreciate your time in completing the survey. Please contact Jim Bever, Greenfield-Central's McKinney-Vento Liaison, with any questions or concerns. He may be reached at jbever@gcsc.k12.in.us.

Christmas Assistance

Christmas assistance applications will be available beginning Monday, October 26th. Applications are due back by Friday, November 13th. You can request an application by contacting Mrs. Hall, Harris school counselor at: 317-467-6731 or at khall@gcsc.k12.in.us. Families, churches, or organizations who wish to sponsor a family should contact Mrs. Hall by Friday, November 20th.

Staffing Update

Mr. Bastin, our Physical Education teacher, is taking a leave of absence the week before Christmas. Right now, he will continue to support students in PE. We are preparing for this leave and have posted the temporary position. We will keep you updated.


I want to personally thank the families of our Harris students. This week, Harris had our first two cases positive for COVID-19. We knew that day would come; however, we are proud that we went 59 days without having to ask students to stay home. I know that this is because of your diligent efforts to self screen at home and the extra care you take to be sure that you don't send a sick child to school this year. In addition, I know you are making thoughtful choices about exposure risks outside of school. Harris families have been so amazingly supportive in helping us keep school open and as safe as possible for students. I am grateful for all you are doing. I do want to remind you that if any member of your household has a pending COVID-19 test, you should not send your child to school until the results of that test return negative. Thanks for helping us slow the spread at this difficult time of year.


All items subject to change as new guidance is received.

Parent Teacher Organization

PTO: We have a wonderful Parent Teacher Organization. They have been so generous in helping buy some new things we need for the unique year we are facing, including: lanyards for face masks, additional traffic cones for our car line, and updated recess equipment for students and teachers. There will be more info from them on how and when they will meet. This year, we will need to focus on low or no contact fundraising options. Your support will be helpful in continuing to have the great resources we enjoy for Harris students. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.


Breakfast and Lunch

* For the remained of the school year, all students will have access to one free breakfast and lunch.

2-Hour Delays & Breakfast: Harris does NOT serve breakfast on 2-Hour delays.

Stay Connected with Harris

Future Dates at Harris

*The following dates are tentative and are subject to change based on national, state, and local guidance.

Harris Specific Dates

  • Thanksgiving Break: November 25-27
  • Winter Break: December 21- January 1
  • MLK Day (No School): January 18th

Opportunities Around GC

Fall Edition of GC Blue and Gold Athletic Department Newsletter

We sent home entrance cards to use when joining NASA for their community events!


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