Hi there!

I'm Taylor and I'm hopefully going to be your senior photographer! If you are reading this, that means you have seen my work and you like it, so thank you :) This guide is going to break down the Studio 606 senior experience and what you can expect, and pricing but this next paragraph is going to tell you a little about me :)

I graduated high school in 2014, so I am not too far from where you are right now! I LOVE Taylor Swift, it's an unhealthy obsession. I spend my days working on my business while enjoying the always-adventurous life of living with my 19 year old sister. I have a pig named Monday, Winnie the dog, and a cat named Hamlet. I really enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places. I'm a sucker for personality tests, and pretty stationary. Here at Studio 606, we are all about having fun and my goal is to make your senior year the best one yet!

Where will my session take place?

Your senior session will be a 100% reflection of you. That's why we will select a location(s) that is special to you. Perhaps it's somewhere you grew up, or somewhere you spend a lot of your time. Maybe it's not a specific place but something you like doing that makes it special. Whatever it may be, I want to make sure your senior session is uniquely and creatively, you. If we absolutely cannot think of somewhere, no worries, we will FIGURE IT OUT! :)

What will I wear?

The number of outfits we need will depend on the collection you select. I want it to be you, and something you feel comfortable AND beautiful in! Accessories are an awesome idea, but not too many! We don't want hide your beautiful self underneath all of those layers! I always suggest to bring a casual outfit, (something you would wear everyday - stay away from yoga pants or leggings, even though I know we all love them), a dressier one (dresses/anything that flows works BEAUTIFULLY!), and then bring something that maybe you wouldn't wear everyday. An old prom dress, a ballet skirt, your ball uniform, anything that is you!

What time will my session take place?

We will shoot exclusively to sunset OR sunrise. Both of these options offer the most gorgeous light, and also the most flattering! It is extremely important that you are on time for you session, as we will be working with the sun going down or coming up! The time we begin shooting will depend on the date of your session.

How to price your senior experience

Step 1. Pick a collection

Step 2. Pick your add on's from the a la carte menu


I am incredibly excited for our group shoots this year. Become a VIP senior and you can join in on the fun! Here are a few details to help you get the idea of what our group shoots will entail this year! Group shoots are my way to get to know my seniors before their actual sessions. You will make new friends, model in a group setting as well as individually.

SUMMER - July 27th, 2019 | Holly Bay (London, Kentucky) the theme will be a retro picnic on the beach. I am thinking fun in the sun, carefree with your gals, in retro style. Here is a pinterest mood board to help you start thinking of your wardrobe ideas: https://pin.it/w7haav5cbjeycm

*swimwear is absolutely NOT a must, Sundresses and vintage-inspired summer wear is welcome :)

SPRING - TBD with my VIP seniors :) but I am thinking lots of confetti.

Become a Studio 606 VIP Ambassador

What is an ambassador?

Ambassador's save 20% on their senior collections + make money for referring their friends and peers to Studio 606 for their senior experience! Being an ambassador comes with some responsibility however, such as posting their photos on social media at least once every two weeks, tagging @studio.606 in all their posts, talking about their senior experience, and a few other things we will discuss in person! If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, you can fill out the application here - I can only have two from each school!

So, you're ready to join the Studio 606 Senior Dream team?

Click here, fill out the form with your details so that I can contact you and we can get this party started! Next, we will set up a consultation in the studio so I can get to know your hopes and dreams for your session a little better. I'll also e-mail you a contract, which needs to be signed online by your parents and an invoice which will request a $50 that comes out of your balance to save your date. Once this stuff is completed, I am OFFICIALLY your senior photographer!

I am so excited to get Class of 2020 started. I have some big dreams for you guys and I can't wait for you to be apart of it! Thanks for taking the time to read all of this info... see you soon! :)

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