THE BUTTON Lewis tanner

Once upon a time there was a young lad named Gutenhafeltafelheimenchimenweimenbleimenbaleopeldoopedeydoodleday III but his friends called him Bob. He was walking one day, and all of the sudden ran into one of his friends. His friend said, "come on Bob, I want to show you something!" So Bob followed him. When Gutenhafeltafelheimenchimenweimenbleimenbaleopeldoopedeydoodleday III's friend finally stopped running they found this:

The first thing that Gutenhafeltafelheimenchimenweimenbleimenbaleopeldoopedeydoodleday III did was try to push the button. But his friend stopped him and Said, "don't push that button or it will do something bad" Bob said, "Joe, how do you know? It might be fine, it could even give us free cake!"

Bob and Joe started to fight.

Then, one of them fell...

Right on the Button.

All the things the button might do flashed through Bob's head.

Then Joe's Coffee-maker started running.

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