National Shoe Day. By: Miranda Gibson-Peda

Here is a picture of converse.

My day would be on January first so everyone could get a new pair of shoes for the new year. We would keep track of who already got a pair of shoes by giving you a plastic card that a store employee has to stamp and It must have your name on it. Anyone would be able to get a pair of shoes no matter if your rich, poor, man, or women.

Here is a woman/man making shoes.

Fun facts about shoes...

The first shoes were measured in barleycorn.

The first pair of left and right shoes were made in Philadelphia.

Men and women used to wear highheels up until the 18th century.

Different colors of high heels

A U.S. Women owns an average of 17 pairs of shoes but only wears around four.

The most expensive pair of shoes cost $660,000.

The biggest shoe collection was Imelda Marcos's 3,400 pairs of shoes.

A pair of tan wedges.

Shoe addictions are caused from a prefrontal cortex called the collecting spot that is released when you buy a pair of shoes.

When you dream of a pair of shoes, it represents the way you approach life.

The boots Neal Armstrong used to walk on the moon are floating in outerspace because we wanted to make sure we didn't bring back any contamination.

Sneakers where made from sneaking since their soles don't make a sound.

Pair of nice black flats

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