Tokyo, Japan Explore and Discover many things

Flight Costs and Places to visit in Tokyo

When flying Cathay Pacific American Airlines, flights to Tokyo start at $1,134 each person.
These are just some of the views you will get when you travel to Tokyo from March throug May and September through November. These are their famed cherry blossoms that create an amazing sight.

One of the main attractions in Tokyo

This is the Imperial Palace Gardens which is a historic garden used to protect the remains of the Edo Castle. Although the Palace is off limits for visitors, you may still walk along the Palace's East Gardens. Along the trail, you will see beautiful ponds with water lilies and in the center of the garden, is a bridge where you can walk out, and admire the gardens. Another reason to go in March is because that's when the flowerbeds are in bloom, it creates a really extraordinary sight.

Here is a sumo wrestling match with the people watching.It is truly entertaining and fun to watch. It is when two fat men have special rules to follow while wrestling and the first to fall on the ground, loses. When attending this event, you will have a guide that shows you the stables the wrestlers live in, their special diet and their practice sessions if lucky. These are just two of the amazing attractions Tokyo offers.

Food & dining in tokyo

One of Japan's specialties is sushi as shown in the picture

Japan also specializes in not only sushi, but ramen noodles to consisting of noodles, vegetables, pork and an egg.

Restaurants in Japan are both cheap and expensive (if you're willing to go the extra step for a better quality of food.)

These specialties from Japan are delicious and it especailly tastes good because it's from the place it originated from! Not here in America!

Places to stay in Tokyo

Conrad Hotel Tokyo

These pictures include, a swimming pool, a luxury restaurant, the Mizuki Spa and a Bay View Suite. (Going in order from left to right, then bottom)

Polictics in Japan

Prime Minister of Japan: Shinzō Abe

This is the Japan Metropolitan Government building in Tokyo

Japan's government is a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. That means that the authority has power but limited power due to a written or unwritten constitution.

Japan has an Emperor and a Prime Minister. The Emperor of Japan is Akihito and the Prime minister is Shinzō Abe

Shinzō Abe was ruled as Prime Minister of Japan in 2012. He is one of the longest running Prime Ministers. He is the President of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The freedom rate in Japan 69.66%


Japan is the origin of Anime creating many of the well-known TV shows on now such as:


Dragon Ball Z



Sports in Japan

Shohei Otani, ready to throw a pitch for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

If you take a trip to Tokyo, you could have an opportunity to Sapporo Dome to watch the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters play, with Shohei Otani.

Olympic Sports

Here are Japan's national basketball, soccer and tennis teams.

Japan competes in olympic sports such as tennis, football (soccer) and basketball. They may not be the best in each of these sports, but they are as competitive and entertaining as American sports.

In Tokyo, the city never dies! 🌇🎆🤗

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