Troy's Art Fall semester 2016

Why did I take Advanced Art? I took advanced art because I like to draw. When I get bored and have nothing to do in other classes I will just start to draw. I like how in advanced art we get to draw what we want. That helps because I like to draw/make my own things that other people won't be making.

What piece are you most proud of that you have completed this year? The piece that I am most proud of is the front of my square body Chevy truck. I am most proud of it because I like square body Chevy's and it turned out very well. In what ways has your art improved this year? My art has improved by taking more time to make it look perfect.

Which project do you wish you were able to re-do or have more time on? On my self portrait I wish I could do over because I would want to fix my hair and my jaw. My hair don't look the best so I would want to go back and fix it. Also I should used more time to make it look better.

Communicate/ Use personal voice- How is this artwork about who you are or what you like? My truck shows what I like by being a old square body Chevy. My favorite type of Chevy truck is the old square body Chevy's because with the front being so big you can put a diesel motor in it. When I get older I would want to get a 1987 square body with a 12 valve Cummins engine. Develop Art-making skills- in what way(s) has your craftsmanship improved? My craftsmanship has improved when making charcoal projects by working on so many. When I made my first one I didn't know I was suppose to do all of the white parts first but now when I make a charcoal project I get all the white and light grey parts done before I go to the black parts.

A goal that I would like to set is make a little clay truck. The truck would be like a 1/64 scale. I would just like to make a little one because I don't want to try to make a big one then ruin it.

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