The American Revolution By: Dara

what year did The American Revolution take place:

The year The American Revolution took place was on April 19th, 1775 until September 3rd, 1783.

Different groups and different people:

In America there were thirteen Colonies, where different Colonists lived in. In the Thirteen Colonies there were Loyalists who were loyal to the crown and Patriots who were against the crown as well as others.

Why were the Patriots against the Crown?

The Patriots were mainly against the crown because they wanted to be free from Britains control and have their own country.

What did the Patriots do to the people who were against what they desired? (Loyalists)

The Loyalists who were Loyal to the crown did not want to take a side with the Patriots and go against the British. The Patriots were mad and started burning down the Loyalists houses and toarchered them if they disagreed, so the Loyalists fled. The British helped them and offered them land in Quebec which made the Loyalists become more loyal to Britain.

What were the causes of The American Revolution?

The British started to make the Americans pay a huge debt which made the Americans very angry.

The consequences of what happened after:

  • Had to pay a lot of money
  • Emergence at a republim state

Why should we care about this?

Because it's where america got to be independent.

What changed the BNA as the result of The American Revolution happening?

The BNA lost control over the Americans.

Who was more affected?

In my opinion, I choose the Americans because the Britain had revenge and made them pay for everything they did. Yet again, the Americans did real bad things to the Britain.


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