Journey By ryan reiss, an excerpt from brown girl dreaming by jacqueline woodson

“You can keep your South, my father says. The way they treated us down there, I got your mama out as quick as I could. Brought her right up here to Ohio. Told her there’s never gonna be a Woodson that sits in the back of the bus. Never gonna be a Woodson that has to Yes sir and No sir white people. Never gonna be a Woodson made to look down at the ground. All you kids are stronger than that, my father says. All you Woodsjbyhgon kids deserve to be as good as you already are. Yes sirree, Bob, my father says. You can keep your South Carolina.” Excerpt From: Brown Girl Dreaming p.29
African-American citizens protesting against segregation in a crucial time

Clint Smith compares black people struggle now to the 60's

" never gonna be a Woodson that has to sit in the back of the bus"

Rosa Parks standing up for blacks and sitting in the front of the bus, strong

African-American woman getting escorted by police for protesting
March on Washington led by Martin Luther King Jr.

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