Sophists "A paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric in ancient Greece, associated in popular thought with moral skepticism and specious reasoning."

There were many Sophists. They were professional teachers in ancient Greek. They traveled from city to city teaching people and making a living off of it. They believed students should use their their time to improve themselves.

One of the most famous Sophist teacher

Sophists like Libations thought that people should use knowledge to improve themselves, they believed there was no absolute wrong or right

This was some work from famous Sophists

Another famous Sophist is Antiphon he was a Sophist and he wrote many papers, one of them were called On Truth. It tells the truth about life in Ancient Greece

Libanius thought that people should make themselves better than what they already are. He thought that if people used their knowledge to improve themselves then they became improved. He believed there was no absolute right or wrong.

Their impact on Ancient Greek history is they made many important contributions they developed public speaking which was very important at the time and debate.

Modern examples of their philosophy are lawyers, advertisers, politicians. These are all examples of Sophists. They convince people to do stuff. Advertisers convince people to buy their products, Politicians convince people to vote for them.

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