Botswana By paul payton

Location: where a particular place is on earth. Can be absolute or relative. This picture is of one of the many river ways and creeks.

The relative location of Botswana is next to South Africa Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Botswanas capital is called Gaborone. It is in the bottom left hand corner of Botswana.

These are pictures of some areas in Gaborone.
Botswana is located on the continent of Africa.
This is one of the three major landforms. This is the kalahari desert. Then there's the South African plateau and Okavango delta.
This is one of the muggy hot climates of Botswana.

The climate of Botswana is semi-arid. It is hot and dry for most of the year. The rainy season runs through the summer months. But the rainfall is very unpredictable.

This Is a select few pictures of it raining in Botswana.
The border countries of Botswana is Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.
Place: physical and human characteristics of the area.

The natural resources in this country consist of:diamonds, coal, gold, copper, and nickel.

Pictures of the main resources of Botswana.
Botswana has many different cultures. The cultures you will see around this area are Setswana and Tswana.
Pictures of art from the Botswana cultures and them celebrating with American troops.

These are videos of the culture, yet on is a traditional dance off.

Below are pictures of temples and captions explaining the religion that goes with it.

Christianity is one of the major practiced religions in Botswana.
Another mainly practiced religion is Hinduism.
Also Islam is another on of the many practiced religions in Botswana.

Botswana has many, many holidays and I'm going to list the top 3. The first one is in january they celebrate New Years just like everyone around the world. Then they also celebrate Good Friday in April. Then finally they celebrate labour day on may 1st.

These are pictures from the top 3 holidays I chose to list.

Botswana has a parliamentary republican government. Three interesting facts about the economy would be: 1)since its independence it has maintained the highest economic growth. 2) its economy is highly correlated with global economic trends. 3) and their unemployment rate is 20%.

Human environment-interaction- shaping the landscape. How people effect the environment.

The crops that get farmed in Botswana are sorghum, millet, maize, sunflowers, and melons.

Pictures of the crops grown in Botswana.
Many types of jobs exist in Botswana. The top 3 are...
Warehouse and distribution manager....
Financial accountant.....
And finally a sales and office manager.

There are tons of animals in Botswana. But Among the endangered species is the pangolin. The pangolin can blame the endangerment of their species on the Okavango and chobe rivers.

Pictures of wild pangolin (antreaters)
Currently Botswana is facing two environmental problems. Desertification and drought. Help came and they gave veterinary care to the animals and made new water holes for fresh water.
Region- how geographers compare and contrast places.

The education system in Botswana is strange. The first 10 years are free. The rest you have to pay for.

Pictures of kids in Botswana in school

The population of Botswana is 2.021 million people. The population density is 3.94.

The area of the country in square miles is 231,804

The per capita GDP of Botswana is 7,315.02.

The life expectancy in this country isn't that good. The males expectancy is 46 years. And for females it's the same.

The literacy rate of Botswana is 81%.

The climate zone that Botswana is located in is called the semi-arid climate.
Movement- the movement of ideas and goods throughout the world/area.

Botswana exports and imports many goods. Some of the exports are diamonds, copper, nickel, soda ash, beef, and textiles. Then the main imports are fuel, food, tobacco, and beverages.

Pictures of africas imports and exports.
It's history is the colors correspond with the coat of arms. The blue represents water. The black and white stands for the racial harmony of the people.

Botswana gained their independence from Britain on September 30th 1966. They gained it because of Seretse Khama who was then elected president.

Technology isn't a main thing used in this country like it is in America. But they do have cell phones and computers. And other technology like medical and stuff like that.

Some of the medical technology used in Botswana.

The popular form of transportation is by car on one of the many highways. Or by air in one of the airports. Even by train on some of the rails going through the country.

No communication for this country isn't a huge thing. Most people just find you and tell you. Yet they do have cellphones and a mail system. Or even by email or social media.

One main problem Botswana is facing is HIV and AIDS. Many people in Botswana have HIV and AIDS. Which is not good. Currently it's more than before.

Another big problem is mismanaged abortions. This is a terrible problem that is happening. In Botswana abortion is illegal and yet most of the baby's that die are due to abortions.

Pictures of treatment for HIV and aids then an actual picture of what HIV and AIDS looks like.
You should travel to my country because there are amazing things to see.
One place you would love to visit is the beautiful tswapong hills.
Another wonderful place to see is Okavango delta.
Another place to see is chobe national park.

Botswana is an amazing vacation spot. There are tons of places to see and tons of things to do.

For the average high school student in Botswana is during the summer you learn about animals. But during the school year you just go and learn basics up to grade 10. And the schedule is only about 4-5 hours a day.

Most teenagers in Botswana go fishing for food after school. Or they go and hang out with their friends.

Most of the teenagers don't have jobs. But for fun they hang out with their friends and listen to music.

The teenagers in Botswana listen to African pop and other types of African music.

The teenagers in Botswana Don't dress like us. We wear what we want to. Well at school they have dress code. And outside of school they wear what they have which In some cases may not even be a shirt. Just pants.

This photo shows the dress code in that particular school.
Created By
Paul Payton


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