Year 4 Autumn 1

In English this term, we have been focusing on including fronted adverbial and expanded noun phrases in our writing. We have also completed two pieces of writing about our class book “Hansel and Gretel” by Anthony Browne.

Examples of our letter and instruction writing

In maths this term, we have focussed on place value and addition and subtraction. The children have been looking at fluency of calculations and how to apply this learning to reason and solve problems.

The children working practically to solve addition questions.

In science this term, we have been learning about sound. We know that sound is caused by vibrations and travels in waves.

Year 4 conducted a sound walk and used cup phones.

Our geography topic was ‘All Around the World’. We found out about how there are different time zones around the world, and compared the difference between daylight hours in the UK, Antarctica and the Arctic. The children enjoyed researching about the weather in different countries and presenting a weather report to each other.

Year 4 presenting their weather report.

Our art focus this term was insects. We started off by carrying out a bug hunt in the school garden. Then we sketched insects in pencils and colour. We also created an insect mosaic.

Our insect sketches and mosaics.

Other things that we have done this term.

To help our instruction writing, we made jam sandwiches and wrote a set of instructions.
We retold the story of Hansel and Gretel to Key Stage 1 children.


Created with images by Kelli Tungay - "Back to School"