What would you put in your UIC time capsule?

"I attended 'the Pier' from 1959 to 1961, and then transferred to UIUC. Current UIC students need to know the history of their institution, including the founding of the Chicago campus of the U of I on Navy Pier. I'd put in old photographs, old catalogs and testimonies of people like me who owe so much to the Pier for providing the educational foundation for subsequent studies and careers."

— Rev. Charles Matz

Photos from the UIC Circle 1966 yearbook
"My student era was 1982 through 1986. Probably two photos. One photo of the UIC Pavilion because with its opening, so many changes were happening at UICC, we had Division I Athletics, the merger of East and West campus' and the new UIC logo dropping Circle from it's name. I would also include a photo of the old registration process and the lines of students wrapping around PEB and inside, up and down the stairs."

— Patricia Shalloo-Leahy

Left: Photos from 1981 UIC Circle Yearbook. Right: UIC Pavilion
"I would probably put a few things into the time capsule, one being an outdated Computer Science book."

— Mac Carter

"I remember my flip phone quite clearly and this generation might think that's funny. Another thing might be a train ticket. The tokens were a little before my time but that would be another good one."

— Jessica Lawson

Old CTA train tokens (Courtesy of Chicago Transit Authority)
Motorola RAZR flip phone
"Something commemorating the Bears in Super Bowl XX, a TI 55 calculator, hot dog and fries from Carm’s and UIC cafeteria coffee."

— Jim Kruk

Mike Ditka at Superbowl XX. Photo: Phil Sandlin, AP
Left: TI-55 calculator. Center: Carm's storefront. Right: Carm's hot dog and fries.
"A 'mix' CD. LOL. We made our own CDs with various artists that we liked at the time. A Motorola RZR phone and a Palm Treo palm pilot phone. A screenshot of what Facebook used to look like when it first started."

— Alex Sainvilier

Mix CD (Photo by: Chloe Coleman, NPR)
Left: Facebook Homepage 2004, Right: Palm Treo
"Food pictures. My era is all about taking pictures of all the Instagram worthy and delicious food that we try wherever we go. Food is everything to college students, especially if it is free! Aside from some delicious unhealthy foods, many students are also health conscious about what goes into their bodies and getting our nutrients."

— Christine Mendoza

Students enjoying food at Greek Week.
Instagram is a popular place for students to post photos of their favorite foods around campus.

Other UIC artifacts:

Photos from the 1966 Circle Yearbook and 1972 Circle Yearbook.
Left: View overlooking campus in 1972. Right: Modern views of the skyline from East Campus.

Some things never change...

Student sleeping in the cafeteria in 1972.
Students sleeping in Student Center East in 2015.
Headphones on, notebooks out, circa 1972.
Headphones on, MacBooks out, circa 2016.


Photos from UIC Marketing and Creative Commons

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