Touching Strangers By Richard Renaldi

Richard Renaldi was born in Chicago in 1968. He received his BFA in photography from New York University in 1990. Exhibitions of his photographs have been mounted in galleries and museums throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

The goal of this project was to get complete strangers to come so close to each other and pose for a picture that only good friends and family would do. Richard does this to help make everybody come closer together as a society and have equality in the world.

Richard Renaldi Photographs cities all across the United States, and he photographs complete strangers together. He would pick willing people to get a photo taken of them with another stranger.

What i can apply from this project was that no matter the differences we have or make we're all the same, and our differences shouldn't change that. It teaches me to be more kind towards people and don't judge a book by a cover, until you read some pages.

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Dustyn Capron


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