BNHS By seher 3A


BNHS stands for Bombay Natural History Society it is located in Mumbai,Bombay,India.The headquarters is the hornbill house.

This is hornbill house

Abiotic and Biotic Factors of BNHS

The abiotic factors of BNHS are☀️sunlight,💧water,sticks,twigs,soil,rocks,beehives,air,temperature,🕸 spider webs and woody climbers,pupa.The biotic factors of BNHS are the common evening brown,cheetahs,spotted deers, common crows,Indian screw bugs, rose wood, deciduous trees, bamboo, banyan trees and many more.

Symbiotic Relationships

Mutualism😀😀-butterfly sucks the nectar from the flower and gets its food so then in return the plant gets pollinated. Commensalism😀😑-the leaf roller insect- the insect gets shelter and the leaf is not harmed at all. Parasitism🙁😊-I got bitten by a mosquito so the mosquito sucked blood and it got benefited but I get itchy.

Mutualism Relationship

Issues Affecting BNHS

Humanly ignited forest fires caused by the tribes in Array is harmful to the health of the eco system.

Forest Fire

Film city crew throw the garbage so crows come to eat the litter or worms and it breaks the birds eco system.

Positive Issue-BNHS is planting more butterfly host plants so that the butterfly can lay eggs.

Positive Issue-During monsoon BNHS people make water holes so that the rains will fill the water and in summers when animals feel thirsty they can drink water.

Water hole

Negative issue-Glicidia plant doesn't require water .This plant comes and harms the other plants in BNHS and also belongs to America but in BNHS it got correct climate and habitat to grow but it sucks all the ground water and has no value so its like a pest.

Gilicidia plant

Negative issue-land encroaching-builders want to cut down trees in BNHS so they can make room to build buildings.

Responsiblity-How can we save BNHS ?

Make good use of my resources

Plant more trees

Not buy houses where the land is illegal

Not waste water 💦

Not hunt animals 🦁


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