Superhero's Ashleigh B. And payton j.

Batman, Ironman, Wonderwoman, Robin, Thor, Flash, Superman, Hulk, Black widow, Captain America.

Even know superhero's might be animated they might be real just look out there.

Its A BIRD. NO its A Plane. NOOOO its SUPERMAN!!!!! - Superman

Even he is a superhero!!!
Even Grumpy cat is a superhero!!!!

We could have many superhero. They could be funny or real!!!!!


Adobe sparks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created By
Ashleigh Barnett


Created with images by mrsdkrebs - "American Flag" • InspiredImages - "batman lego toys" • crosathorian - "Ironman" • W_Minshull - "Hulk" • qnrshop - "LEGO Black Widow Minifigurine" • qnrshop - "LEGO Superman DC Comics Minifigurine" • qnrshop - "LEGO Wonder Woman DC Comics Minifigurine" • qnrshop - "LEGO Robin Hood DC Comics Minifigurine" • qnrshop - "LEGO Thor Minifigurine" • qnrshop - "LEGO Flash DC Comics Minifigurine" • qnrshop - "LEGO Captain America Minifigurine" • エルエルLL - "Success Kid / I Hate Sandcastles memetoaudio" • wackyvorlon - "Grumpy-Cat" • whatleydude - "DSC_0060"

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