SkyRise By: Luke Ewing Skonieczny

This is the SkyRise stadium or court if you will, our bots will be made to pick up the blocks you see in the picture and put those blocks onto the risers or buildings. The rules of the game are: get your blocks the right side, put the blocks onto the tower, no taking blocks after the other bot took the block, no pinning others to the wall, no blocking the entrance to the other side. Those are the rules of the game.

This is the bot we will be creating. If you see, there is a lift in the front of the bot similar to a claw lift. The lift will be used to lift the blocks up onto the building or stands. The lift on our bot has sides as you can see witch will help by blocking other bots (players) from blocking the block from us, then we will bring the block and set it up on the stand. If someone is trying to take a block to put it on our stand we will use the lift to block them from getting it. To talk more about the bot we will edit the wheels. Instead of the wheels and tires we will make a track to keep balance and it will also help us with durability and stamina. We made a new bot but we have no claw but we are making one.

Our teem will work together to accomplish the game. We will make a plan but also we will play it by ear because you never know what will happen or what the other team will do. There are different points from 1-5. We tried this bot but it didn't work so we totally changed it all.

I learned so many things with this competition, i learned to work well as a team to accomplish goals especially because my partner (Arthur) and I had to start a bot from scratch and start completely from the bottom because we didn't have a bot. I feel like I also learned a lot because i didn't really know how to program or build that well so I worked hard and now know how to do that and prefect it. My skills at using the bot increased because I got to use it and learn all the things about it. I think if i could change something I'd change the autonomous program and the bot its self. I'd make the bot have a better claw and everything like that. And for the autonomous I'd make it get even more blocks to the side and score.

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