Module 4 by Amy Staggert

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Part 1

The SAMR Model, in my opinion, is a technological version of Blooms Taxonomy. I would say it is a more modern model with the emphasis on technology integration. The model starts with basic technology integration and moves to more complex uses of technology. According to Patricia Brown, from the article A Guide for Bringing the SAMR Model to IPads, “the SAMR Model, which was developed by Reuben Puentedura, to provide educators with a framework for successful technology integration.” The second article I found by Susan Oxnevad claims, “Researchers have determined that technology integration typically moves through specific levels. The higher the level of an activity the greater the educational benefit.”

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According to the SAMR Model, I would say the level I am currently working on is basic: substitution and augmentation. All of my lessons are on Active Inspire and we use the Interactive Promethean board daily to share our answers/responses. For example, when we write to our Pen Pals we brainstorm ideas and I write their responses on the promethean board. I have a graphic organizer on the promethean board and they fill out their graphic organizer with paper and pencil. Then, they create their letter. However, the students are not really creating anything using technology.

My writing lesson it would look much different if I incorporated the SAMR Model. I found this cool idea that I would like to use on The teacher has her students brainstorm ideas of what they want to write about and then video themselves brainstorming so they can remember their ideas when it comes time to write it down. Then, I thought I could use the app Popplet as a graphic organizer. The last thing I would have them do is create a Tellagami. Tellagami is an app that allows you to share messages. It also allows you to create and customize a character. Once we created that, we would share it via e-mail since all of our students in the district have a school e-mail.

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