All over the museum were displays about the butterflies.

When I first walked in to the entrance of the Butterfly exhibit, I was stunned at the hundreds of framed butterflies lining the walls, all the way up the high ceilings. I feel as though this really captured my attention, as I was stunned at how many various species of butterflies there are. It reminded me of how vast nature truly is. In addition, there were numerous display plaques that gave detailed biological information, which I found vary interesting because it was cool to compare the biology and lives of butterflies to my own, as a human. Without these displays, I don't think my experience would have as much value, as I would have lacked a lot of information.


Within 30 seconds of entering the tropical room, I easily spotted a butterfly.

The butterfly room was filled with children at the time that I went, which was really fun to watch. They were all incredibly joyful and excited to see butterflies. I'm glad they were able to enjoy it, because I'm personally a little bit freaked out by butterflies, and was mildly uneasy with the thought of one landing on me. I think that seeing other people interact with their surroundings was one of the coolest things about this exhibit-it's purely for the experience of seeing butterflies. I agree with Leopold; earth and nature definitely needs to be seen as more than just an economic benefit, so that we continue to have peaceful and nature filled environments like this.


Being in an environment that forces you to focus on just that-the environment-is so crucial. I was able to take a break from my every day life to do something different, and it reminded me how small humanity is. The world is so big, and there are SO many species of animals out there, and I think we often forget that as humans and adopt a sense of superiority. In reality, all animals are just as complex and respectable as humans, and we need to embrace them and take better care of them.

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