Air Pollution in China By Nshera Tutu

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Air pollution is any mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. It is a problem that is seen throughout China especially. It affect millions of people per year not only in China, but in South Asia.

A majority of the air pollution in China is a result of fine particles of PM2.5, or "particle matter that have a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers". It is mostly produced through the combustion of fossil fuels. According to a team of researchers at Peking University, they penetrate deep into the human lungs and cause long term health effects.

According to the Manila Times, it is unacceptable high for 84% of China's population. The study cited states that for that portion of China, the average PM2.5 level exceeded the limit set by the World Health Organization, which is 35 micrograms per cubic meter.

Other sources of air pollution in China are car exhaust, the burning of coal for heat, and fumes emitted by factories. Air pollution accounts for many deaths in China, as a result of the small particles that the pollution carries. They have been known to aggravate asthma, as well as damage the lungs and cause heart attacks. They also cause different heart and lung conditions.

Not only does air pollution cause a great number of deaths in the Chinese pollution, it is also an inconvenience for Chinese citizens. During times when the air pollution is especially bad, schools can be canceled for children because it is too hazardous for them to leave the house. In addition, plane flights get canceled and delayed when visibility becomes a major issue.

Air pollution can be, and in fact has been in recent years, reduced. The Chinese government has taken many measures to try and decrease air pollution. A measure the government tried to employ that failed was the use of incinerators to get rid of air and land pollution. However, studies have shown that the Chinese level of air pollution has decreased by thirty percent between 2013 and 2016.

The issue of Chinese air pollution relates to the religion Maoism because it values small scale peasantry and small industries. As a result of the pollution of the air that transfers into many aspects of life and hinders small industries.

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