Farm to Table Day of diScovery 2017

Tuesday, April 4th was the day that Mercy girls were sent out on an unforgettable adventure called Day of Discovery. This is an entire day dedicated for Mercy students to explore and learn about different activities outside of the classroom.

The trip I chose was called "Farm to Table," that started at Indian Creek Nursery where we learned to grow and care for plants, as well as learn the benefits of growing your own food.

Students from all the different grade levels came together and planted their very own salsa garden.

We then went on an exploration to see the rest of the nursery and discovered new kinds of plants. After learning about different growing techniques, we began to get very hungry and started to eat some of the plants! However, we had plants to stop at Guaca Maya for a delicious Mexican buffet.

With stuffed bellies, we finished our trip with a drive back to Mercy for a salsa making cook off. We were giving 30 minutes and limited ingredients to make a presentable salsa for a group of judges. The group of students with the most appetizing and presentable salsa got to take home the prize.

"Farm to Table" was only one of many outstanding experiences through Day of Discovery. However, this trip taught me the importance of agriculture that students who live in the city might not know. It taught me to branch out and meet other Mercy girls and grow together through learning.

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