Herratige house By BRenner

I chose Dr.Clarks bedroom because it has a fancy bed.The bed covers are very fancy and they have nice patterns but the bed does not look comfy .The room was painted a orangeish pinkish color.The bedroom had a desk with a mirror above it.There was a corset in the bedroom to a corset is what women wore back in the 1900's.There was this pot in the bedroom it was called a chamber pot.So you would go use the restroom in the chamber pot in front of everyone and you do not get any privacy.There were shoes and clothes and bathing suits that looked like dresses.

It is time to compare my room and Dr.Clark's bedroom.First of all my bedroom is painted blue not orangeish pinkish color.And I am glad that my rooms painted blue it is my favorite color.Next I have a bunk bed a futon on bottom and bed on top.I like bunk beds more than regular beds.I have a desk and not a mirror although it would be cool to have a mirror.And the most important thing is that I do not have a corset in my room.And the covers on my bed are not fancy and have cool patterns.And finally my room is not as neat.

I would choose my room over Doctor.clark's bedroom because my room has a bunk bed.And my rooms painted blue.And I have fan in my room and lights.I also like having a comfy bed .And I do not have chamber pot in my room.INext I have alarm clocks so I can wake up on time. And finally I have a tv I my house.And that is why I chose my room.


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