Rhine , Main & Danube Rivers A brief sampling

We are 7 days out of Amsterdam on a small canal completed 22 years ago to connect the Rhine with the Danube. Over the next 2 days our boat will climb to 1300 feet thru a series of 68 locks. A major engineering feet connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea.

We have already passed thru the areas where castles are the most prominent feature of the Rhine.

Now we are in an area of Germany called Franconia. Lovely towns such as Bamberg and Wurzburg have lovely old sections of the city as well as more modern areas that were rebuilt after the Second World War. People here deal with the devastation and its aftermath in many different ways.

We are relaxing in fine style on the boat. Each day we have between 2 and 4 hours to wander and explore the places where we stop. Lots of exercise and lots of cobble stones. Most of our companions are from Australia.

Well, that is it for now. We are having a wonderful time. See you soon.

Gary and Sue

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